Dallas Extreme

Dallas Extreme

Project: Private Home Theater - Dallas Extreme, Texas 

Long-time DP dealer and TITAN projector specialist Dallas Extreme recently completed a lush home theater that features a 3-chip TITAN Reference 1080p 3D projector. Working in conjunction with a 140” Stewart Firehawk microperf screen, this 25’ x 22’ home theater was built almost exclusively to display the client’s Kaleidescape media server content.

Given that display performance was at the top of the client’s priorities, Dallas Extreme was able to demonstrate a TITAN projector before a decision was made. The client immediately decided that the TITAN was the right solution, and Dallas Extreme commenced in building out a dedicated room, from fabrication to interior design, that became the theater. Dallas Extreme is a full-service integrator with deep construction experience, and handled the painting, electrical, sheetrock, custom woodwork, carpet and custom HVAC work in-house.


“The clients are absolutely in love with the theater,” stated Brandon Haggard of Dallas Extreme. “The client was gone for two weeks, and returned to experience the room completely finished and fully operational. They love the space so much, they once moved an inflatable mattress into the theater in order to have movie night for the kids.”

Projector Used

• TITAN Reference 1080p 3D

Feedback from the Client

Commenting on his experiences working with Digital Projection, Brandon Haggard had the following to say: “DP is a very professional, high performance company that is focused on delivering a luxury experience. My clients insist on the sort of quality that comes from the DP brand. Additionally, my regional manager Eric Lardner is phenomenal. DP feels like a very small, personal company when you’re a client, and I feel that they only work for me when I need something.”

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