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Project: MIA Centre Titled Dome

Domeprojection installed a turnkey 7-channel tilted 7m mobile dome projection system for the booth of the MIA Center at the China International Industry Fair (CIIF) 2012 in Shanghai.


Projector Requirements

Projecting in spherical domes provides the pinnacle in immersive projection experiences, allowing a user to walk around the area and view content in a way that would otherwise be impossible with flat panel projection.

To create this experience, multiple projectors had to be blended and geometrically corrected to provide a seamless image on the whole hemisphere.

Why Digital Projection were chosen

With a long history of working wth Digital Projection, domeprojection decided to use 7 M-Vision displays. Using these, they were able to create a stunning installation that proved one of the most popular attractions at the event. Content originally made by MIA for EXPO 2010 Shanghai City Pavillion was presented, delivering 3.2k resolution inside the dome.

Domeprojection’s auto alignment tools were also used to auto-calibrate the projectors.

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