Hoop Like Festival 2015 in Gdansk – Poland

TITAN Super Quads used in real-time gaming environment

The Hoop Likes festival brought together the most popular gamers, bloggers and vloggers in Poland all under 1 roof for a 2 day extravaganza.

The event company, SVOBODA engaged Digital Projection’s partner in Poland, RSMinus to provide TITAN Super Quad projectors to be used in the Game Zone.

The projectors were chosen primarily due to the low latency and bright 20,000 lumen output. The low latency was essential as all the matches were projected live onto the screen for the enjoyment of the large audience.

Accurate colour reproduction was also essential as all the professional gamers who participated demanded the best visual experience. The 3-Chip DLP image quality plus built-in COLORMAX technology used in the TITAN Super Quad ensured that the projectors achieved perfect colour representation across all screens.

The weekend festival was a great success and the 5 thematic areas attracted almost 10,000 participant. The projectors used in the game zone finished by showing a live match in the “Masters Tournament” which was watched by a packed audience.


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