NYC’s Gowanus Loft Performance & Installation

K2 Imaging, a long-time DP staging partner, recently partnered with George Del Barrio of The Vanderbilt Republic to bring a celebration of conceptual dance and projected imagery to the Gowanus Loft in NYC.

K2 Imaging enlisted numerous single-chip E-Vision WUXGA 8000 projectors for the atmospheric projected imagery, enlisting the loft’s distinct architectural touches as projection surfaces in order to enhance the distinct performance.IMG_20140118_145055

Here’s how the show was described in promotional materials discussing the event:

“Entitled ‘Time I Know,’ Rebecca Stenn’s new solo show is just that, a study of time. The time we know now, the time we have known and the time we will know in the days and years ahead.

We have time. We spend time. We kill time. We’ve been told since we were children, that time is money. But it’s not. Time is a blurry continuum that speeds and slows according to our attention to it. Through the use of retrograde, wraparound photographic imagery and a wildly eclectic score, Rebecca Stenn and George Del Barrio will bend and challenge our ideas of time in a personal, intimate story of moving backwards to see where you are going.”

“Time I Know” was performed from January 16th - 18th at Gowanus Loft.

Choreography & Performance: Rebecca Stenn

Photographs & Projection Design: George Del Barrio

Project Partner: K2 Imaging

Lighting Design: Kathy Kaufmann

Congratulations to everyone involved in this distinct performance, and thank you for choosing DP’s precision displays!

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