DP Direct Frequently Asked Questions



  1. What is DP Direct?
    DP Direct is a Stager’s best resource for Cross Renting DP’s newest LASER illuminated projectors and lenses.
  1. Why rent instead of purchasing?
    Stagers should own a fleet of projectors that they can keep consistently rented, but when bigger events present one-off opportunities, cross-renting is a great way to temporarily expand fleet coverage without taking on additional capital investment.
  1. What differentiates DP Direct from the competition?
    1. DP is the manufacturer and builds projectors at manufacturer costs. That being the case, DP Direct rental rates are very competitive.
    2. DP Direct’s Projector fleet is comprised 100% of dependable, solid-state LASER illuminated projectors.
    3. All projectors are current models and less than a year old.
    4. All projector rentals include a rigging frame and lens of the stager’s choosing.
    5. Standard round-trip freight is included with every rental.
    6. A free spare projector is provided with every 4 like units rented.
    7. Lens-only rentals are also available.  
    8. DP technicians complete a thorough QC on every projector prior to each rental.
    9. DP includes incentives with every rental that accrue to save our customers big dollars. Specifically, 10% of all rental costs over a rolling 12-month window can be used to cover up to 25% of the cost of purchases of DP equipment.
  1. How current is the technology in the DP Direct rental fleet?
    All projectors and lenses are current models, less than a year old, DLP-based and 100% Laser illuminated.
  1. What are the equipment options?
    Digital Projection E-Vision LASER 10K & M-Vision LASER 18K projectors are available in the current fleet.
  1. What hardware is included with each projector rental?
    Every projector rental includes the projector, rigging frame, lens, IR remote control & power cable. All equipment is shipped in rugged, commercial grade flight cases.
  1. Are spare units available? Is there a discount on spare units?
    Yes, DP Direct offers spare units. In fact, every rental of 4 projectors includes a 5th unit to be used as a spare at no additional cost.   Rentals of 2 units can add a spare projector for 50% off. (lenses are not included with discounted or free spare units).
  1. Can I just rent lenses?
    Yes, DP Direct offers Lens-Only rentals.
  1. What is the rental pricing for lenses?
    Lens-only rental pricing is very reasonable, starting at $100 per lens for daily rentals and $200 per lens for weekly rentals.
  1. Are there discounts for multi-unit or long-term rentals?
    Yes! Contact DP for customized long-term rental quotes.
  1. Are there volume incentives or any other pricing benefits from renting from DP Direct?
    Yes! Free and discounted spare projectors and DP Direct’s “Rent More, Buy More” program.
  1. How does the free spare program work?
    Every rental for 4 or more projectors includes 1 additional spare projector at no charge. Every rental for 2 projectors provides access to a spare projector for 50% off of standard DP Direct rates. Lenses are not included with free and discounted spare projectors.
  1. How does “Rent More, Buy More” work?
    10% of the Stagers rental expenditures with DP Direct over the most recent 12-month period accrue as credits toward purchases of DP equipment. Stagers can use current DP Direct rental credits to cover up to 25% of the cost of their DP equipment purchases.
  1. What is the process for applying to rent equipment from DP Direct?
    DP Direct customers are generally authorized DP Staging customers. Credit approval and a certificate of insurance are required. Contact DP for more details. (create a link here to email Frank and Crystal)
  1. How long can I rent the equipment?
    There are no limits on DP direct rental terms.
  1. How short can I rent for?
    The shortest rental period is a one-day rental.
  1. What payment options are available for the equipment I rent from DP Direct?
    30-day payment terms are available to DP Direct customers with approved credit. DP also accepts major credit cards.
  1. Once I book a rental, will I receive a confirmation of my booking?
    Yes, DP will provide a rental confirmation and a detailed pro-forma invoice which serves as the rental agreement.
  1. Where is the DP Direct rental fleet located?
    DP Direct’s fleet is located in Atlanta, Georgia.
  1. Who organizes shipping?
    DP Direct will organize all standard and special shipping. Shipping organized by DP Direct customers will be at the customer’s expense and risk.
  2. How is the equipment shipped?
    All DP Direct equipment is shipped standard freight unless priority or special handling shipping is requested by the customer. If priority or special handling shipping is requested by the customer, the customer will pay the difference between standard shipping and the cost of their shipment.
  1. Who pays shipping costs?
    DP will cover all standard shipping costs. If priority or special handling shipping is requested by the DP Direct customer, the customer pays the difference between the standard shipping rate and the priority shipping rate.
  1. What is the average turnaround time from placing my rental order until the equipment is shipped?
    Same day turnaround is generally available for orders received by 2 PM Eastern time.
  1. Can I have equipment delivered to my hotel or directly to a booth on a trade show floor?
    Yes, as long as proper paperwork is completed for the shipment and acceptance of the equipment to its final destination can be verified.
  1. What is DP’s QC process before projectors are shipped for my event?
    All equipment will be tested by DP technicians, meeting our standardized QC and packaging processes.
  1. Is there technical support if I run into issues?
    DP Direct offers application support during normal working hours, along with 24/7 hotline for after-hours support. DP’s tech support hotline number is 770-420-1354.
  1. Can I extend my rental after I have already received the equipment?
    Yes, rentals can be extended on short notice, but extensions do require agreement with DP prior to the extension.
  1. What happens if I lose or damage any of the equipment I have rented
    From the time the DP Direct customer takes possession of the equipment until the return of the equipment to DP, the DP Direct customer is responsible for the equipment. DP does require the customer provide a copy of their Certificate of Insurance (COI), naming DP as co-insured.  
  1. What is my liability for lost, damaged or stolen equipment?
    The DP Direct customer is responsible for 100% of the value of any equipment rented.
  1. How long has DP been in business?
    Digital Projection has been in the high-performance projection business nationally and internationally for 21 years
  1. How long has DP worked with Stagers?
    Digital Projection has been working with staging companies since our inception in 1997.
  1. How long have you been in the cross rental business?
    2018 marks our entry into the cross rental business, but we understand the vitality and urgency of staged events, having sold thousands of projectors to stagers over the years. We believe our experience as both a manufacturer and supplier puts us in a strong position to support our staging customers with cross rentals.  
  1. Does Digital Projection have any professional memberships or affiliations?
    Digital Projection’s professional affiliations include the AVIXA (Audiovisual & Integration Experience Association - previously InfoComm) NSCA, CEDIA, I/ITSEC, LDI, & ISE
  1. How can I get updated on DP Direct offerings?
    DP Direct customers / authorized stagers will have continuous access to the DP Direct Web site. Further updates and information can be provided by your DP Regional manager or customer service representative.



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