E-Vision LASER WQ-120

 ✓ Low Latency  ✓ 120 Hz Refresh Rate  ✓ WQXGA Resolution

A High Value, Low Latency WQXGA Solution with 120Hz Refresh Rate and Maintenance-free Laser Illumination

Engineered for the visualization and simulation markets, Digital Projection’s E-Vision WQ-120 projector offers maintenance-free laser illumination with the benefits of a filterless design based on the proven reliability of DLP image modulation. Providing native WQXGA (2560X1600) resolution, the E-Vision WQ-120’s advanced low latency processing incorporates smear reduction, reducing fast motion artifacts for high fidelity on-screen images. The E-Vision WQ-120 is fully controllable with dimming capability for night scenes and triggers for external masks or other add-ons. There is even a built-in clock for automated power on and off, making the user interface and system automation more manageable.

Lamp replacements are never required due to the E-Vision WQ-120’s solid-state laser illumination system. By eliminating regular lamp replacement cycles, system operation is never interrupted and with its filterless design, long-term maintenance cost is near zero. This key benefit allows the E-Vision WQ-120 to offer a much lower cost of ownership over the lifespan of the projector. As evidence, the warranty also covers the light source for the same term as every other component in the projector.

Other key benefits of laser illumination:

Key Specs
  • WQXGA (2560 x 1600) native resolution
  • Low latency of 22.8 ms from projector input to screen
  • Refresh rates up to 120 Hz @ WQXGA
  • Adjustable Motion Blur (smear) Reduction
  • 20,000+ hour laser phosphor light source
  • MultiAxis Orientation
  • Sealed optics
  • New Cost Effective 0.6” DLP Chip
  • 2,500 Lumens
  • Lens options include UST 0.38:1 lens, 0.75-0.93:1 short zoom lenses
  • Unbeatable Cost of Ownership

Key Features

Flexible Mounting Orientation

For maximum flexibility, the E-Vision Laser WQ120 can be operated in both Portrait and Landscape mode, pointing up and down and every angle in between

Lamp Free Projector

The E-Vision Laser WQ120 is a lamp-free projector meaning extensive savings on expensive maintenance and replacement cycles.

Projector Control Software

Projector Controller software allows full management and operation of multiple projectors from a single centralized PC-based application.  Ideal for use in large installations or where projectors are installed in multiple locations within a building, the software can dramatically reduce the time required for set up and configuration.  This free piece of software is available for download here.

DisplayPort 1.2

Graphics standards up to 3840 x 2160 resolution at 60Hz via HDMI, DisplayPort and HDBaseT.


Built in support for transmission of uncompressed High Definition Video over standard CAT5e/6 LAN cable. This allows projector to be placed up to 80m from source with low cost cabling.

20,000 hours illumination

The laser light source last for 20,000 hours, giving stable and predictable illumination that far exceeds any lamp based product.

3 Year Warranty

Due to the proven reliability and long-term performance of our precision displays, DP provides a full 3 years of parts and labor coverage for projectors and accessories employed in standard use applications.

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