A closer look at MultiView and the INSIGHT HFR 360

Our INSIGHT HFR 360 MultiView projector was shown at ISE 2020 to much acclaim and is set to have a huge impact on the future of VR without Head Mounted Displays.

With Multi-View 3D projection, a single projector, with ultra-fast frame rates will accommodate several viewers, each being tracked and each having a view of the image that remains appropriate to their changing position. This allows the users to see and interact with each other in a truly shared collaborative manner.

The video below has been created by our parnters at the University of Weimar 

Interactive 3D Visualization in Multi-User Virtual Reality from Virtuelle Realität on Vimeo.

To enable users to view images from their correct perspective, each user must be tracked to 6 Degrees of Freedom [6DOF] and Digital Projection has worked with leading industry partners in head tracking to achieve this. In every way, Digital Projection provides truly collaborative technology.

View the projector and specification here >>

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