HIGHlite Laser 4K-UHD (Discontinued)

 ✓ 12,500 ISO / 11,000 ANSI Lumens  ✓ 2,000:1  ✓ 4K-UHD

Introducing the 4K-UHD HIGHlite Laser, Solid State, Lamp Free Laser Phosphor projector

5 Year Warranty on the HIGHlite Laser 4K-UHDIllumination Takes another Leap Forward with 4K-UHD Resolution
Remarkably bright, the HIGHlite Laser 4K-UHD delivers a stunning 12,500 lumens from a stable solid-state light source, capable of producing over 20,000 hours of illumination. Developed with Fit and Forget’ directive, the HIGHlite Laser 4K-UHD delivers an impactful imaging solution that installers and system integrators can deploy with minimal maintenance throughout the lifetime of the display. Equally compelling is the lack of lamp replacements due to the solid state illumination system. By bypassing regular lamp replacement cycles, almost all costs related to the HIGHlite Laser 4K-UHD are incurred at time of purchase. This key characteristic allows the HIGHlite Laser II to have a much lower cost of ownership over the lifespan of the display. Venues looking to produce a compelling visual experience will realize true cost-saving benefits through the HIGHlite Laser’s advanced illumination technology.

HIGHlite Laser Projector Infographic

View the HIGHlite Laser Projector Infographic

Combine the exceptional bright, long-life illumination source with a host of other precision features, and you have a projector solution that’s perfectly suited to a diverse range of professional venues. Additionally, HDMI 2.0 allows for 4K 60 Hz.  DisplayPort 1.2 ensure the latest connectivity for high speed 4K content delivey.

Geometry correction is included as standard with Cornerstone, Vertical & Horizontal Keystone, Pincushion & Barrel, and Image Rotation, along with Edge Blending with correction for non-active pixels at the edge of the display and electronic black level compensation. A diverse selection of both fixed and zoom lenses and extensive lens shift ensure that integrators installing the HIGHlite LASER have complete flexibility with respect to projector placement.

Awards Abound for the HIGHlite LASER
Given its flexibility and performance, the HIGHlite LASER family has received numerous accolades from the AV community. In 2014 alone, key media and trade publications within the Worship, Commercial AV, Rental & Staging, and Residential markets awarded the HIGHlite LASER with Best of' recognition.

Why Choose Digital Projection



HIGHlite Laser Proejctors in useApplications
Environments needing a long-life projection solution with installation flexibility, inspiring brightness, and remarkable lifetime cost of ownership.

Key Specs
  • 12,500 Lumens
  • 2,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 4K-UHD Resolution
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • 3 x 0.67" DarkChip 1080p DMD
  • Portrait & Landscape Capable
  • Unbeatable Cost of Ownership
  • HDMI 2.0 Connectivity
  • DisplayPort 1.2 Connectivity

Key Features

Flexible Mounting Orientation

For maximum flexibility, the HIGHLite Laser 4K-UHD can be operated in both Portrait and Landscape mode, pointing up and down and every angle in between

Built in Edge Blend

Superbly capable edge blending and multi-projector tiling is provided by way of high bit depth processing that ensures a seamless, contiguous image can be created from multiple projectors.

Lamp Free Projector

The HIGHlite Laser 4K-UHD is a lamp-free projector meaning extensive savings on expensive maintenance and replacement cycles.

Projector Control Software

Projector Controller software allows full management and operation of multiple projectors from a single centralized PC-based application.  Ideal for use in large installations or where projectors are installed in multiple locations within a building, the software can dramatically reduce the time required for set up and configuration.  This free piece of software is available for download here.  

HDBaseT Connectivity

Built in support for transmission of uncompressed High Definition Video over standard CAT5e/6 LAN cable. This allows projector to be placed up to 80m from source with low cost cabling.

20,000 hours illumination

The laser light source last for 20,000 hours, giving stable and predictable illumination that far exceeds any lamp based product

DisplayPort 1.2

Displayport 1.2 connectivity

5 Year Warranty in EMEA

Due to the proven reliability and long-term performance of our laser projectors, Digital Projection provides a full 5 years / 20,000 hours warranty.