Why LED?

Designed for Seamless Critical Viewing

Colorful lighting and LED display at IBM auditorium

As the original innovator of large-screen DLP projection experiences, Digital Projection is proud to offer customizable fine-pitch LED video wall systems. Designed to excel in virtually all levels of ambient light, Radiance LED adds seamless, ultra-bright, and slim-profile displays to Digital Projection’s elite line of visual solutions.

Engineered to create bright and vivid imagery in venues with close and/or long viewing distances, Radiance LED delivers stunning color saturation & contrast in both indoor and outdoor environments, suited for virtually all ambient light conditions. With native 16:9 and square aspect ratios, the individual Radiance LED panels provide seamless building blocks for creating custom resolutions in various shapes & sizes. To suit a wide array of applications, Radiance LED is available in a multitude of pixel-pitch configurations. Featuring a thin installation profile, wide viewing angles and silent operation due to its fan-less panel design, Radiance LED video walls provide dynamic display solutions for nearly every environment.

Why LED?
Why LED?
Why LED?
Why LED?
Why LED?
Why LED?

Key Features

Key Benefits

  • Unmatched brightness & color performance to tackle any venue lighting conditions

  • Seamless custom configurations – no bezels interrupting the image

  • Endless image size & resolution possibilities

  • 16:9 and 1:1 aspect ratio LED tiles for easy configuration of 1080p, 4K-UHD, and custom displays

  • Designed with front and rear service access & 24/7 capability

  • Delivered with Digital Projection’s Concierge Service to assure design & installation confidence

“The Radiance LED wall brought our vision to life with image quality exceeding our highest expectations. We were extremely impressed and grateful with the level of dedication and meticulousness that the DPI installation team showed in order to provide us with this wonderful LED experience.” – Lorraine Herger, IBM

Endless Size & Resolution Capabilities

Precision manufacturing combined with convenient, multi-axis adjustment points allows Radiance LED systems to be perfectly aligned & sized to fit any space. For our Performance Series, using equal numbers of horizontal and vertical tiles always results in native 16:9 displays with perfect color and luminance uniformity. With choices for both traditional and square display panels, Radiance LED is the ideal visual solution for retail, broadcast, command & control, visitor attraction, house of worship and residential applications.

Concierge Customer Support

Digital Projection’s dedicated Application Engineering Team is ready to assist with all Radiance LED design and system implementations. From initial concept and engineering assessment to final assembly & calibration, Digital Projection’s team is prepared to bring your next visionary project to life.

Services Include:

  • Design Assistance
  • Site Surveys
  • Engineering Review
  • Installation Support
  • Maintenance

Offering 24/7 technical support, trust in Digital Projection for total peace-of-mind and a seamless visual experience.


Trust in Digital Projection for total peace-of-mind and a seamless visual experience. Click here for more information.

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