Digital Projection’s Arsenal of New Visual Solutions Made Big Waves at InfoComm 2019

Digital Projection, the Emmy award-winning manufacturer of high-performance display solutions, made big waves at InfoComm 2019 with a fully stocked arsenal of groundbreaking products.  For many visitors to the booth, these new application-enabling displays truly pushed the boundaries of what is possible in imaging technology.  With a larger size booth, and ultra-bright, vibrant corner screens powered by the enhanced TITAN and INSIGHT projector series, this was one of DP’s biggest shows to date.  Take a look below for more information on all that was on display:

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A New Immersive, Interactive Multi-viewer 3D Experience

New this year was the INSIGHT 4K HFR 360 – a powerful, high frame-rate solution for creating truly immersive, collaborative, and interactive 3D experiences.  This first-of-its-kind multi-viewer 3D projector allows up to 3 users to view native 4K-3D content while interacting and collaborating with one another in a one-of-a-kind shared virtual environment.  With head-tracking technology and the HFR 360’s ultra-fast frame rates, each user experiences a unique perspective of the on-screen content that remains consistent with their changing position.

To showcase the new INSIGHT 4K HFR 360, DP partnered with the advanced visualization gurus at Mechdyne to present a remarkable virtual experience on the international space station.  The HFR display was chosen as the solution to grace the cover photo of the InfoComm Daily with many visitors calling it the ‘coolest thing at the show’.

The INSIGHT 4K HFR 360 won two ‘Best of InfoComm’ awards from Commercial Integrator and Projector Central.

A Sneak Peak at a New Game Changing Projector Module

DP also gave attendees an exclusive sneak preview of the Satellite Module Laser System (Satellite MLS) prototype. Featuring pure RGB Laser Illumination, the Satellite MLS separates the light source, with its associated power and thermal management, to a remote location, thus enabling a small, compact projection “Head” that only contains the minimal optical and video processing.

The Satellite MLS is set to officially debut at InfoComm 2020 with widely customizable system configurations, all producing superb color gamut, contrast, and virtually silent operation for complex display environments that no other projection solution can tackle!

The World’s First True 8K Projector

Back by popular demand, the INSIGHT LASER 8K returned to InfoComm 2019 to offer visitors the unique opportunity to experience genuine 8K content in actual 8K on-screen resolution.  Winner of 7 major industry awards, the 25,000 lumen INSIGHT LASER 8K is the world’s first true 8K DLP projector, rendering 33+ million pixels of exceptionally sharp, bright, and color-saturated imaging.

The Return of the TITAN Series

Another headliner of this year’s show was the return of the popular TITAN series. As visitors approached the booth, they were welcomed with a vibrant display of the TITAN’s capabilities on large vertical screens. Amazingly quiet for their ultra-high lumen performance class, the TITAN platform has been completely upgraded and is now equipped with DP’s award-winning laser illumination. With 4K and WUXGA options and models offering up to 37000 lumens of the highest quality 3-chip DLP imaging, the TITAN series is a must-see for integrators and stagers seeking super-bright, color-accurate, and cost-effective solutions. DP’s laser systems deliver 20,000+ hours of stable and reliable illumination and eliminate the need to ever purchase or replace lamps again!

New Direct-Red Laser Technology

Also returning to InfoComm was the visually stunning M-Vision 21000 and E-Vision 13000 projectors – equipped with DP’s new ColorBoost+ Direct Red laser technology. Integrating Direct Red lasers produces more vivid, saturated, and true-to-life color than previously possible on single-chip DLP models. In fact, these projectors render imagery that meets the REC709 color space, delivering near 3-chip color performance at a single-chip price point.

Radiance LED – Dynamic, Fine-Pitch LED for Awe-inspiring Displays

Greeting visitors to the DP booth was a captivating 16’ wide x 9’ tall native UHD LED video wall from DP’s impressive Radiance LED line. Featuring unmatched brightness and performance suitable for any indoor environment, DPI’s Radiance LED solutions offer an incredible viewing experience with deep color saturation and uniformity from every viewing angle. With its slim install profile, the infinitely scalable, and totally seamless Radiance LED systems provide ultimate solutions for the most demanding imaging applications and the most discerning clients.

This was the first public display of the new CrystalView protective surface coating and introduction of the expanded Radiance models and capabilities from 0.7 – 4.0 pixel pitch panels.