Satellite MLS Named Best of Show at Projection Expo 2020

Digital Projection is pleased to announce that the new Satellite Modular Laser System has been awarded 'Best in Show' for the Projector Expo 2020.  Brought to you by Projector Central, The World's Largest Projector Resource™, the Projection Expo 2020 is an online trade show from June 15 - July 16 with virtual product exhibits from all the major projector and screen manufacturers. As experts in all things Projection, this award from Projector Central is quite meaningful for Digital Projection.

Projector Central had this to say about the Satellite MLS:

"Two-piece projection systems, with a separate projection head and laser engine linked via fiber-optics, aren't new. But Digital Projection's Satellite MLS breaks new ground in the compactness of the heads and engine, and in its thoughtful design. Multiple heads meet different brightness requirements, with the largest measuring 18 inches square and weighing less than 90 pounds; the smallest is just 13 inches square and 42 pounds. Neither emits more than 43 dBA of noise. The 10,000-lumen laser module fits into a 4U slot on a 19-inch rack—no cooler required—and can distribute light to a single head or multiple heads...or be ganged to hit a 40,000-lumen limit. Simply put, the Satellite MLS is a triumph of technology and flexibility."

Be sure to check out the revolutionary Satellite Modular Laser System at the Digital Projection Booth here.

Satellite MLS Best of Show