“Next-gen” electronics platform

At Digital Projection, our Next-generation electronics platform has been designed to deliver the most advanced image processing to all projectors, from the flagship integrated 3-Chip DLP TITAN 47000 to the 1-Chip E-Vision 8000i.

By creating a shared electronics platform across the range, you can be sure that whichever of our projectors you use, you will be totally familiar with its operation, OSD menu structure and functionality, all of which is seamlessly integrated into our new, free, Projector Control II software.

With a focus on this single shared platform, we can dedicate our Research & Development and Advanced Engineering teams to bringing the pinnacle of imaging quality to each and every projector we make

These advances in our platform design philosophy are all to ensure that we are delivering you a seamless, trouble-free experience across the new E-Vision, M-Vision and Titan projector families.

Key Features

Core to this electronics platform is the enhanced multi-functional image processing technology, with de-interlacing, scaling, warping and edge-blending all combined in a single IC. This means that all signal processing is undertaken in one location minimising delays which introduce latency.  

Also key is the platforms ability to accept dual input signals up to 4K-UHD which are independently processed, meaning that they can accept the most advanced signals in your chain.

A built-in warp-table generator implements real time processing for horizontal and vertical keystone correction as well as pincushion and barrel, wall corner correction and linearity correction, giving you instantaneous results for the most demanding geometry requirements.  

Advanced onboard edge blending works seamlessly with our new, free, Projector Controller II software, enabling superb multi-projector blends by way of high bit depth processing that ensures a seamless, continuous image created from multiple projectors.

Key Features

HDR support comes as standard with support for SMPTE ST2084(PQ) and HLG.

10-bit colour processing (30-bits per pixel) produces 1,073,741,824 colours with powerful seven-point colour correction for accurate colour matching which produces lifelike, saturated images.

There is also full Image quality control onboard with full-gamma colour management, allowing us to implement key features such as constant brightness output, node-based fine-tuning of colour uniformity and multi-projector auto-brightness sync.

Art-Net support is now included in all the projectors with Next-generation electronics, enabling them to seamlessly fit into your show control system and be controlled alongside your DMX installation.

Unified control protocols across all these models mean that your workflow is simplified, whether  you are using a Titan or an E-Vision.


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