Digital Projection Training

Technical, Product & Sales Training modules

Digital Projection provides a training programme suitable for a wide range of industry professionals. Our aim is to do more than just deliver a course and share know-how; we want to bring our products closer to our partners, to build mutual confidence and ensure that end user experience is always second to none.

We can adapt our courses to your specific needs and we will always take the time to understand your learning objectives.

All Digital Projection training courses are designed to maximise user experience through knowledge, confidence and efficiency. Our Service Training courses aim to reduce the downtime and costs associated with routine maintenance and repairs.

Our standard training courses are conducted at our worldwide headquarters in Manchester, UK and our US headquarters in Kennesaw, GA. These courses are offered without charge to Digital Projection’s partners and distributors.

Some of our training courses can be conducted on-location if deemed advantageous and upon prior agreement.

Product / Sales Training

2 day training courses aimed at sales and project managers as well as maintenance personnel. This includes familiarisation with our projectors, capabilities, features, menus and also covers basic maintenance. We have a number of specialist modules such as:

  • DP History.
  • Introduction to all products and specifications explained.
  • Vertical markets and applications.
  • Lenses.
  • Set up & OSD Menus
  • External control (Projector Controller)
  • 3D, Blend & Warp.
  • Colour matching.
  • Technology (Pixel shift, 8K, Multiview, Satellite Modular System, Illumination laser systems “Phosphor Vs Red Assist Vs RGB”)
  • Basic Maintenance.
  • Warranties.

All of which can form part of your product training course.

Digital Projection Training

Service Training

3 day training courses aimed at service technicians and engineers. This training entails

  • RMA procedure and service contacts
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Status indicators and error logs
  • Software / firmware updates
  • Optical alignments
  • Identifying and replacing main components.

Although it is not compulsory, we recommend attending our product training prior to complete the service training.

A certificate and training pack will be provided when the relevant course is completed.

Digital Projection Training

Contact the EMEA training team

Kevin Bateman, Digital Projection
Kevin Bateman
Product & Training Manager, EMEA

Digital Projection Training
Kevin Bateman
Product & Training Manager, EMEA
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