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Sunday, November 23, 2014

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 House of Worship

Featured DLP Projectors for House of Worship  

TITAN 1080p Quad 3D

M-Vision Cine 400

E-Vision WXGA 6000

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All DLP Projectors for House of Worship

E-Vision Series

The newest addition to Digital Projection’s single-chip DLP product line, the E-Vision series delivers an unprecedented high brightness, high value projector option for Houses of Worship looking for high visual impact on a sensitive budget. Remarkably affordable yet equipped to deliver astoundingly bright imagery, E-Vision projectors utilize the imaging fidelity of Texas Instruments’ DLP technology. Fixed and zoom lens options give the E-Vision series a throw ratio range of .77:1 – 8.3:1. Easy to change color wheels allow the integrator or in-house technical team to customize the E-Vision’s performance to produce the best balance of lumens and color saturation for their message.  Additionally, select E-Vision displays provide advanced performance by delivering Advanced Geometric Correction or Blend capabilities. Available in WXGA, 1080p and WUXGA resolutions.

M-Vision Series

Digital Projection’s robust single-chip DLP projector line-up for churches is also the most flexible, as the M-Vision series is available with either lamp-based illumination or with LED based Lifetime Illumination.  Both affordable and efficient, lamp-based M-Vision projectors produce high lumens, deep contrast and accurate color. The LED illuminated M-Vision displays offer tens of thousands of hours of LED illumination life, while producing the lush color saturation and color gamut previously achievable only from DP’s 3-chip DLP displays. High-brightness, 3D-capable M-Vision projectors are also available. Numerous connectivity options ensure churches have the source flexibility needed for most any installation.  Projectors within the compact and lightweight M-Vision series are ultra quiet, can be ordered with a variety of lens options and includes extensive vertical and horizontal lens shift, making them versatile, powerful choices for any small to medium House of Worship venue.  

dVision Series

Equipped with dual color wheels and a hot-swappable dual-lamp system, the elegantly designed dVision projectors complement discerning small to medium Houses of Worship with beautiful DLP imagery. A motorized lens aperture, lamp power settings and ColorMax™ calibration enable customization of contrast, light output and color performance to suit the specific needs of the specific worship venue. Utterly flexible with both lamp-based and LED based Lifetime Illumination options available, the dVision series also includes 3D capable solutions, as well as anamorphic lens-free Scope 1080p models that support constant height wide-screen applications at twice the resolution of standard 1080p displays. Numerous quick-change lens options and an unmatched range of vertical and horizontal lens shift accentuate the already-remarkable installation flexibility. Ultra-quiet operation, low thermal dissipation and long-life light sources assure the lowest low long-term cost of ownership for churches. 

HIGHlite Series

The elegant HIGHlite Cine is Digital Projection’s newest 3-chip DLP projector platform for Houses of Worship. Economically priced, compact and quiet solutions for medium to large screen applications, HIGHlite Cine displays produce remarkable color depth, dark area detail and razor sharp imagery at budget-sensitive price points. High-quality optics, including fixed and zoom lenses, accommodate throw ratios from .7: 1 up to 6.76:1, providing tremendous installation flexibility. Further accenting this flexibility is the HIGHlite’s impressive vertical and horizontal lens shift range. For churches needing advanced imaging capabilities, dual lamp HIGHlite models include Warp and Blend as a standard feature. Connectivity includes a diversity of digital and analog inputs with a variety of control options.  3D-enabled HIGHlite models will be available in late 2012, delivering stellar 2D and 3D imagery abilities to worship venues worldwide.

TITAN Pro 3 / TITAN Pro 3D Series

Compact, rugged and ultra-quiet for its performance class, the TITAN Pro Series 3 platform is an unmatched solution for any medium, large or mega-sized House of Worship seeking the performance benefits of 3-chip DLP projectors. Presenting the broadest diversity of models and capabilities within our 3-chip product line, the TITAN series is available in single, dual and quad lamp platforms. Each platform can be ordered in resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 pixels, with electronics processing, lumen levels and color-depth previously found only at the very pinnacle of the display market. By graduating to DP’s latest NextGen electronics platform, TITAN Pro Series 3 displays now enlist extensive Warp & Blend capabilities and 3G-SDI input compatibility. 3D capable models provide intensely immersive imagery through connectivity with all major 3D formats. Additional attributes include long-life lamps, extensive lens and input options, Intelligent Lens Memory and optional Portrait mode capability.  

Mercury Series

DP's newest projector series, the 3-Chip DLP Mercury line, combines outstanding performance, installation flexibility and high luminance for demanding large-screen applications. Mercury displays form a tangible link between the compelling value delivered by DP's HIGHlite series and the inspiring capabilities of the TITAN series. Advanced Warp and Blend and multi-format 3D compliance is standard in the Mercury Platform. Application-enabling lens options are plentiful, and the range of inputs offered in the Mercury line assures compatibility with a multitude of sources. Power Requirements: 90 - 240 VAC Weight: 70.5 lbs.


As Digital Projection’s brightest and most advanced displays, the intensely bright LIGHTNING Pro Series 3 projectors have for years played an integral part in some of the world’s most recognized Houses of Worship. Designed for the rigors of large-venue installations and megachurches with impact-focused screen sizes, they excel in their rugged construction, stellar performance, quiet operation and low relative cost of ownership. By graduating to DP’s latest NextGen electronics platform, LIGHTNING Pro Series 3D displays now enlist extensive Warp & Blend capabilities and 3G-SDI input compatibility, as well as high-performance 3D functionality. Employing all of the new Pro Series 3D features, an intelligent lens mount and RapidRig™ frame, the LIGHTNING series is the most capable and easily deployable church powerhouse ever conceived.  

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