Service Rates

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Friday, October 31, 2014
Service Rates

If you require expert service for repair of displays by Digital Projection that are no longer covered by our warranty, or you are in need of engineering or design consultation, please review these published rates:

Hourly / Daily Rates  
Hourly Service Rate $135 per hour
  $200 per hour overtime
Engineering Service Rate $235 per hour
  $1,410 per 8-hour day
Travel Rate $65 per hour
Application / Design Consulting Rate $165 per hour
  $990 per 8-hour day
Show Support Rate $850 per 8-hour day (1-day minimum)
  $165 per hour overtime
Flat Rates  
LIGHTNING Light Engine Cleaning
(4 primary surfaces)
$500 per surface
LIGHTNING Lamp Targeting $100 flat rate (per Lamp)

Prices do not include travel and incidental expenses or shipping costs. Actual expenses and shipping costs will be charged.

The engineering service rate will be applied when Digital Projection, Inc. is asked to consult or make corrective actions to address non-projector related system service or design issues.

The application/design consulting rate will be applied when reviewing, commenting on or certifying submitted projection drawings, layouts and designs. The rate will also be applied when Digital Projection, Inc. is requested to provide design consultation or documentation services in advance of the systems fabrication and/or installation.

Flat-rate charges for cleaning or targeting do not include any parts or materials, which may be required to repair broken or inoperable components.

Payment terms: as stated in customer contract.

Prices subject to change without notice.

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