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DP at CEDIA - Wrap-Up

CEDIA gathered a record number of attendees at this year's exposition in Indianapolis. The attraction to the event is compelling, as CEDIA offers extensive training in both technical and business curriculums for its members, as well as the industry's largest tradeshow for high-end residential electronics. Attendance increased by over 1000 people from last year, for a total of more than 26,000 industry professionals at the event in 2005.

For Digital Projection, our exhibit provided both a challenging and exciting demonstration. We configured a 6 of our precision displays in a very modest 20'X30' booth (the biggest booth space we could secure from CEDIA). Our 16' wide marquee screen featured a 3-projector blend of Mercury 5000HD's, presenting dynamic windows of high definition video content, along with PC based flash media and computer graphics.

Inside the booth, viewers enjoyed high definition images in both 720P and 1080P, from Windows Media based PC servers that DP built in-house. These servers, affectionately named “digiputers” by DP's staff, provided the high definition content displayed by our dVision HD, the popular Mercury HD, and our flagship HIGHlite 10000K HD. The displays projected onto two electric aspect-ratio changing screens, provided by Stewart Filmscreen. It is interesting to note, The HIGHlite 10000 HD was the only commercially available 1080P 3-chip DLP projector demonstrated at CEDIA.

Also announced and presented at CEDIA were DP's new VIP 1000 video processor and our new single-chip iVision 20 HD. At $6495 list, the iVision 20 HD is the most affordable projector offered by Digital Projection. Even at this incredible price, it delivers state of the art performance utilizing Texas Instruments 1280 X 720 DC3 chip, and offers extreme installation flexibility through an on-axis design with extensive vertical lens shift.

Outside the DPI booth, the show floor buzz was around 1080P. Texas Instruments offered technology demonstrations of both single-chip 1080P and small platform 3 chip 1080P. Images from both projectors were truly outstanding! The single chip 1080P employed some new color wheel developments that greatly reduced “rainbow” effects. Several consumer manufacturers also demonstrated 1080P rear projection sets in sizes up to 70” diagonal.

Unfortunately, native 1080P content is still sorely absent. Blue ray and Hi Def DVD did not make it in force to Cedia, although the products are still predicted by some to be in the states by the holidays (let's hope that prediction proves to be true). In the meanwhile, Microsoft has posted a number of 1080P movie clips, available for download, on their Windows Media site, but you'll need a fast computer to properly view them.

CEDIA showed some evidence that anamorphic lenses are making a comeback, not to make 4X3 projectors produce 16X9 imagery, but to make 16X9 projectors produce 2.35 imagery! There were several demonstrations of 2.35 aspect ratio displays with Anamorphic lenses on the show floor. Static and motorized anamorphic lenses are currently being added to DP's product lineup, suitable for all Digital Projection products including the Mercury, iVision and dVision series. Call your RMDM for more information.

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New DP Warranty Statement

Please note; DP's product warranty has been updated to reflect the addition of the new VIP 1000 products. Our new warranty statement is dated October 3 rd , 2005.

Click HERE to view or download a PDF of DP's Oct 3, 2005 Warranty Statement:

Dealer Spotlight

With beginnings as a small, family-owned consumer electronics business in Houston, Home Theater Store has become one of the most advanced and innovative specialty retailers in the country, and one of Digital Projections newest dealers. Home Theater Store has 7 locations in Texas with more opening in the coming months.

Each store includes a complete, integrated Home Cinema, equipped with a DP display, where potential customers can sit down and experience the quality and impact that Digital Projection products bring to the home screening experience. Join us in welcoming Home Theater Store to the DPI family and wishing them the best of success!!

DP Announced as AMX Duet Partner

Digital Projection is pleased to announce our participation in the AMX Duet Partner program. Our projectors are compatible with AMX Dynamic Device Discovery technology that allows for simplified integration with AMX control systems.

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