With more than 30 years’ industry experience, Digital Projection and its multi-disciplined team has unmatched insight into the needs of our customers.

When trusting the co-inventor of DLP technology with Texas Instruments, you’re also trusting the company who brought the world’s first 3-chip DLP projector in 1997. As a digital imaging pioneer, Digital Projection’s groundbreaking projection R&D has garnered the admiration of industry professionals, including the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, who awarded not one, but two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development … the first and only projector manufacturer to win the highest industry distinction.



With the ultra-fast frame rates (360fps) exclusive to Multi-View, a single projector can for the first time provide multiple visitors with a true collective 3D experience, regardless of where they are standing in a room.

Using a Multi-View projection system, each guest is given a view unique to their own constantly changing position, allowing them to see and interact with the stereoscopic content and with each other in a truly shared, collaborative way. Tailor-made for visitor attractions, this award winning technology can enable virtual tours of ancient buildings, 3D rides in theme parks, or a lifelike experience of an invaluable artefact exhibited in a museum. With Digital Projection, the sky / your imagination is the limit.


Satellite MLS’s unique modular design separates the light source from the projector head, making it ideal for any location – even those, such as heritage venues, where space and access are restricted.
Because the source can be housed up to 100m away, noise and heat are virtually eliminated from the audience location, with only a small, unobtrusive projector head needed at the display site.

Unlike other products, Digital Projection’s patented solutions offer visitor attractions the gift of the sound of silence – letting your exhibition or experience speak for itself.



With offices across Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East and Australasia and dedicated in-country account managers, Digital Projection offers industry leading international service and support, both pre- and post-sales. Its expertise and dedication to customer service has been recognised with countless accolades, including awards from Sound & Video Contractor, AV Technology, Systems Contractor News, Commercial Integrator and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (the Emmys).



From 3D, 360° experiences to virtual art shows, immersive museum exhibits and projection mapping on historic landmarks, Digital Projection technology has been at the heart of visitor experiences since 1996.

The undisputed reference standard for projection in visitor attractions, Digital Projection products offer the highest resolution and most flexible inputs and outputs, providing future-proof solutions to meet every application and budget.



With its award winning, groundbreaking Satellite MLS projection system, Digital Projection makes high-end RGB laser illumination – which offers the widest colour gamut, most consistent illumination and lowest maintenance requirements of any projection technology – accessible at a cost-effective price point for the first time.

The inventor of three-chip DLP projection technology, Digital Projection also continues to offer its high-performance, high-brightness three-chip projectors at a single-chip price point – while all laser projectors offer a much lower cost of ownership by eliminating the need to replace the lamp.

Put simply: Digital Projection products offer the biggest bang for your buck, now and into the future. The only thing that’s left for you to do, is to mesmerise your audiences. Take your visitors to the next level of entertainment experience and step into the future with Digital Projection.

Our Lineup

1-Chip E-Vision Range

With powerful, versatile and budget-conscious options up to 15,000, the E-Vision range is one of our most popular and reliable workhorses.

  • Up to 15,000 lumens
  • ColorBoost+Red Laser on selected models
  • IP6x Sealed Optics
  • WUXGA & 4K-UHD options

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1-Chip M-Vision Range

Super-bright and near 3-Chip colour at a 1-Chip price point, the M-Vision range brings the ultimate in power to 1-Chip projectors.

  • Up to 27,000 lumens
  • ColorBoost+Red Laser on selected models
  • IP6x Sealed Optics
  • WUXGA resolution

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3-Chip TITAN Range

Our state-of-the-art flagship TITAN laser projector builds on its legacy of innovation with this exceptional new model which boasts 47,000 lumens with Red Laser technology.

  • Up to 47,000 Lumens (WUXGA)
  • Up to 41,000 Lumens (4K-UHD)
  • 18,000:1 Contrast
  • IP6x Sealed Optics
  • Red Laser Technology

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3-Chip Satelite MLS

Satellite Modular Laser System (MLS) offers a small number of simple building blocks that allow you to address a wide range of applications.

  • Small, quiet projection heads
  • Modular light sources
  • WUXGA, 4K, 8K & MultiView versions
  • Up to 40,000 lumens

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