Satellite MLS

 ✓ Modular, Compact Design  ✓ RBG Laser Illumination for REC2020 Colorimetry  ✓ Virtually Silent Operation

Satellite MLS: simple building blocks for complex applications

Every now and then a product comes along that changes the game for the AV industry - and the Satellite Modular Laser System by Digital Projection does just that. The keystone feature of this new, revolutionary system is the separation of the pure laser light engine, with the associated power and thermal management, to a remote location. This enables a compact and virtually silent projection ‘head’ that contains the optics, video processing, and cooling related to the image modulators. Providing flexible integration options unlike anything on the market today, Satellite MLS promises to be an incredible leap forward for the AV industry.

The projector head is fundamentally compact, quiet, light-weight, and consumes very little power. This offers huge benefits at every stage of a system design, from transportation and installation to serviceability and lifespan. By separating the projection head from the light source and linking the two by robust and flexible fiber-optic cables up to 100m long, Digital Projection’s latest innovation offers the installer many more options, particularly where space and access are restricted.

Satellite Modular Laser SystemModularity
Given the modular components that comprise the Satellite MLS system, users can easily design a custom one-to-many, or many-to-one configuration between the MLS light sources and the Satellite projection heads.

Regardless of the configuration, the ultra-compact design of Satellite heads ensures that any user can benefit from the smallest, lightest, brightest, and quietest projection solution on the market. When comparing Satellite MLS systems to traditional integrated projectors, the ease of installation and maintenance is revolutionary.

"The Satellite projector is the gear of the year. It's such a departure from traditional projectors as we were able to mitigate the size, weight, and noise constraints of more typical large projectors."

- Peter Coman - PTS Consulting

First-in-Class Visuals and Engineering
As integrated projectors have become brighter, they have inevitably become larger, heavier, louder, more expensive, and more-power hungry – factors that create difficult challenges for many installations and applications.

However, the Satellite MLS provides an innovative, modular approach, utilizing fiber optics to efficiently and safely transport pure RGB laser illumination from the light source to the Satellite head. In the past, RGB laser illumination was reserved for only the largest scale and highest-budget applications, but Digital Projection’s Satellite MLS system now makes this remarkable technology accessible, more deployable, and more affordable to the wider AV market.

Integration: Simplified and Optimized
Simply stated, the Satellite Modular Laser System is comprised of a small number of basic building blocks that allow users to address a vast range of applications, from single projector installs to complex, multi-channel domes, caves, and simulators, while rendering the best imagery possible. Through widely customizable system configurations – all producing superb color gamut, contrast, and brightness through virtually silent operation – Satellite MLS is a powerful and elegant solution for any projection application, including complex display environments that no other projection solution can tackle!

Key Specs

Key Features

Modular Light Sources (MLS 10000)

The Modular Light Source is a self-contained pure RGB Laser module with no external chiller. Each module produces an impressive 10,000 lumens and has a built-in touch panel control to allow for quick and easy set-up and operation. Weighing under 25Kg, this module will fit in any standard rack module and is only 4U high.

Satellite Projection Heads

The projector “Head” is fundamentally compact, quiet, light-weight and consumes very little power. This simplifies and improves every stage of a system design, from transportation and installation to serviceability and lifespan. By separating the projection “Head” from the light source and linking the two by robust and flexible fiber-optic cables up to 100m long, we offer the installer true flexibility, particularly where space and access are restricted.

One to Many configuration

Feed multiple projection heads from 1 Modular Light Source (MLS 10000).
In a one-to-many relationship, a single 10,000 lumen light source can feed multiple projection “Heads”, equally splitting – and precisely controlling the luminance of each image through the life of the system. Such proprietary, intelligent control mechanisms will not only ensure unparalleled matching of any number of channels, but also dramatically reduce system downtime for scheduled maintenance

Many to One configuration

Feed one projection heads from multiple Modular Light Sources (MLS 10000).
In a many-to-one relationship, multiple 10,000 lumen Satellite Modular Light Sources can be combined to feed a single, ultra-compact projection “Head”, resulting in a lumens-per-kilogram ratio that far surpasses anything that precedes it. To achieve comparable luminance using a conventional, integrated projector would mean finding space for a product that weighs hundreds of kilos and requires a dedicated projection room due to its physical dimensions – not to mention the logistical and serviceability challenges created by such a product

Satellite Link Cable

The SLC contains glass fiber for low loss delivery of high energy light from Modular Light Sources (MLS). Multiple MLS’s can be combined within the fiber, without the need for additional hardware.


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