Projector Control Software

Projector Controller Software

Projector Control Software

Digital Projection has released their new 'Projector Controller' software that allows the management of multiple projectors from a single centralized PC based application.

Ideal for use in large installations or where projectors are in multiple locations in a building, the software can dramatically reduce the time required for set up and configuration.

Warp Update

This new update sees support added for the HIGHlite Laser II and the E-Vision Laser 8500 and brings new, intuitive multi-node functionality. This new module is seamlessly integrated into the Projector Controller application so there is no need to swap between different toolsets

  • Intuitive interface -  no steep learning curve
  • Responsive controls - no frustrating delays while warp maps are uploaded
  • Ultra precise editing of warp maps for critical applications
  • Free to download

Supported Models

Designed for use with the Titan Quad & Pro Series 3, Lightning, HIGHLite Laser, E-Vision Laser 8500, M-Vision 930, Mercury Quad, E-Vision 6900 and E-Vision Laser 10K projectors, it allows full management and operation of 1 to 100 projectors on a LAN at the same time. It is a free piece of software and is available for download here

From a single screen layout you can view all projectors and access settings for an individual projector or for a group of projectors. Some key features include:

  • Create groups of projectors which can be controlled simultaneously
  • View essential information, such as model, name, ON/OFF status and lamp status, for all projectors on the network at a glance
  • Monitor projector status
  • View logs containing all interaction between the software and the projectors on the network
  • View network information such as IP and MAC address
  • Switch power on and off, open and close the shutter
  • Remove projectors from the network
  • Edit and control an array of settings, including:
    • Inputs and test patterns
    • Lens, image, color and geometry
    • Edge Blend and PIP settings

System Requirements:
Windows XP SP3 or Windows 7 with the .NET Framework 2.0

Download the software Version v7.5 here (Zip File)

Download the LEGACY Version v5.12.5.7719 here (Zip File)

Download the user guide (PDF) here

Projector Control Software

Control multiple projectors from your desktop

Projector Control Software

Access OSD options directly from the projector control application