E-Vision 9000 WU

 ✓ 9000 Lumens  ✓ 20,000:1 Contrast Ratio  ✓ WUXGA Resolution

A New Class of Powerful, High-Value 1-Chip Laser Projectors

The newly developed E-Vision 9000 WU is a 9,000 ANSI Lumen projector, with WUXGA resolution, and dynamic black control offering a powerful contrast ratio of up to 20,000:1.  Beautiful color, remarkably quiet operation, and the ability to perfectly tune the projector's brightness output to suit room dynamics are trademarks of this impressive display.

As part of Digital Projection's line of high-value, compact, lamp-free projectors, the E-Vision 9000 WU offers 20,000 hours of stable illumination, and its small footprint makes it the ideal solution for applications where space is limited.

This 1-Chip, 3D-ready projector also benefits from the ability to be mounted in portrait, landscape, and almost any angle in-between.  This projector produces bright, stable, and color-accurate imagery with a remarkably low lifetime cost of ownership.  All Digital Projection lamp-free projectors have been developed with a ‘Fit and Forget’ directive, delivering stunning visual entertainment with minimal maintenance throughout the lifetime of the display.


“There is no doubt that the addition of this cutting-edge AV set-up has enriched the experience for every visitor, young and old. We’ve had some incredible feedback since re-opening to the public.”

- Geir O.Kløver, managing director - Fram Museum


Standard definition applications needing an enhanced, exceptionally bright imaging solution.

Media Rooms and residential applications
Boardrooms and Conference centers
Digital media / advertising and hospitality
Retail and entertainment

Key Specs
  • 9000 Lumens
  • 20,000:1 Dynamic Contrast
  • WUXGA Resolution
  • HDMI 1.4
  • HDBaseT Input
  • Geometry Correction
  • DICOM Simulation Mode
  • 3D Capable
  • Part Number: 120-482

Key Features

Geometry Correction

Cornerstone and Keystone correction built in

Lamp Free Projector

The E-Vision laser is a lamp-free projector, delivering extensive savings on expensive maintenance and replacement cycles.


Built in support for transmission of uncompressed High Definition Video over standard CAT5e/6 LAN cable. This allows projector to be placed up to 80 meters from source with low cost cabling.

20,000 Hours Illumination

The laser light source lasts for 20,000 hours, producing stable and predictable illumination that far exceeds any lamp-based product.

Dynamic Black Contrast

Built-in Dynamic Black control allows the user to set a Contrast Ratio of 20,000:1.

3D Capable

Frame Packing
Side By Side (half)
Top and Bottom

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