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Why choose DLP Laser Phosphor projectors for your lecture theatres and research needs

Lamp Free | Maintenance Free | 20,000 hours illumination | Laser projectors in 4K and Full HD

For over 20 years, Digital Projection has delivered incredibly bright, detailed and colour-correct imagery to some of the most prestigious learning institutions in the world. From illuminating a 12-metre screen with lecture material regarding rainforest research, to displaying interactive organs, rendered three-dimensionally, in order to train tomorrow’s surgeons, Digital Projection’s precision displays have enabled them all. Digital Projection is synonymous with grand image scale and advanced engineering - such attributes have been embedded into new budget-sensitive, education-grade displays that are now available to serve mid-sized screen venues.

4K DLP Projectors

The introduction of 4K projectors brings a remarkably bright, highly detailed solution for discerning large-screen applications. Lecture theatres and research institutes where both image detail and image stability are critical will directly benefit from the 4K advanced resolution together with a solid-state illumination platform. Additionally, applications where image uniformity is critical, such as venues employing the same content across numerous screens simultaneously, will immediately realize value from the 4K lasers consistent solid-state illumination performance. In environments where the projector will be installed in hard-to-access locations, the impressive limited maintenance of the range of 4K laser projectors will save both time and maintenance costs - an often overlooked significant hidden cost.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) definition of 4K Ultra HD resolution states the display must have at least 8 million active pixels on screen. For the 4K UHD content to be enjoyed as accurately as possible, all 8M pixels need to be displayed and not all 4K projectors are equal. However, with Digital Projection DLP, 8.3M pixels are guaranteed to be displayed on all 4K models.

Laser Phosphor

Today, the majority of Digital Projection’s projector line up uses laser-phosphor illumination in place of the traditional lamp or bulb used previously in most video and data projectors. When one thinks of lasers, one thinks immediately of eye safety; however, the safety of a laser-phosphor illumination system is no different than that of a lamp based system and no special regulations or waivers are required to use the technology. Laser-phosphor illumination is here to stay because it offers the customer significant advantages:

Steady long performance over time

  • Long lasting, predictable brightness, providing 20,000 hours or more performance
  • 20,000 hours = around 7 years of operation, 365 days per years, 8-hours per day
  • Laser life is based on laser manufacturer predictions when 50% of lasers in a projector will 
reach end of life
  • Power increased incrementally to remaining lasers over time from light sensor feedback results in steady linear brightness drop off - less volatile and more predictable than lamp based illumination
  • Matches and often exceeds lamp based projectors achieving REC709 or better color space
  • Up to 4x less cost per hour for laser-phosphor versus lamp based projectors of similar 
  • Increased warranty cover offered on laser-phosphor illuminated products

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