Digital Projection’s LASER focus continues across Southern California

IMG_8832Digital Projection recently demonstrated their industry-leading INSIGHT 4K LASER and E-Vision LASER 8500 at the 8th annual Southern California Technology and Business Summit show. The Summit is an event brought to the industry by a collaborative effort of multiple Independent Manufacturer Rep Firms that represent manufacturers in Southern California.

The projectors delivered a captivating visual experience May 3rd in Los Angeles and May 5th in Orange County. The stunning INSIGHT 4K LASER and multi-faceted, all-purpose E-Vision LASER 8500 were demonstrated for hundreds of integrators across the SoCal region. Paul Starkey, Frank White, Xiaozheng Lu, Mike Maniscalco and Craig Eggers all gave insightful presentations on the state of the industry.

More about the INSIGHT 4K LASER:

The INSIGHT 4K LASER’s remarkable brightness leads to beautiful detail and image stability. These features make it a perfect match for elite home entertainment, professional, simulation, precision signage and large-screen applications. No lamp replacements are needed with the 20,000 hours of illumination life and nearly all tilt configurations are possible. This is the crème de la crème of the projectors on the market today.

More about the E-Vision LASER 8500:

Developed with a ‘Set and Forget’ technology directive, the E-Vision LASER 8500 was created with minimal maintenance and installation ease at mind. As in Digital Projection’s flagship INSIGHT 4K LASER projector, the E-Vision LASER 8500 delivers 20,000 hours of illumination. It also comes equipped with a remarkable 8,500 lumens. This is the perfect projector for an end-user who wants something efficient yet exciting.