DPI's InfoComm 2010 Booth — UNVEILED!

As we publish this newsletter, DPI’s booth is being constructed at the Las Vegas convention center, in preparation for InfoComm 2010. In total, we have 3 semi-trailers loaded with all the makings for a spectacular presentation of Digital Projection’s latest and most powerful displays.


Our exhibit will be divided into two distinct areas: DP’s “Meet and Greet” applications venue and our Precision Displays Gallery / Ultimate 3D Theater.

Show attendees will be welcomed in our “Meet and Greet” area, which will feature a selection of our newest products in intense application settings:

1) Through a system engineering collaboration with MechDyne, four TITAN WUXGA 3D projectors will be presented on a four meter Immersive Displays dome, presenting everything from mapping to eye tracking and even 3D gaming content. The significant warp and blend for projecting onto the dome surface will be provided by DP’s new Fusion 3D Processors.

2) Five TITAN 1080p-700 displays will be edge blended to present a super-wide image on a curved, 40’ DNP SuperNova Infinity screen. Although this screen and the projectors will be flying from our truss, the bottom of the screen will be just 8’ off the deck... the imagery will be all-encompassing and the scale larger than life.

3) Three of our brand new dVision 35 WQXGA displays will be arranged in a 1 x 3 vertical array, presenting more than 10 million pixels on a portrait oriented AeroView 90 rear projection screen, provided by Stewart FilmScreen. DP will present an array of ultra high resolution content, all selected to convey the resolution power and application solutions that a 10 million pixel desktop can achieve.

Beyond the Meet and Greet area, show attendees will enter DP’s Precision Displays Gallery and Ultimate 3D Theater. Our Precision Displays Gallery provides the opportunity to view our newest products under both ambient light and theatrically dark conditions, on a host of front projection screens, again provided courtesy of Stewart FilmScreen. All of our hottest single chip and 3-chip DLP projectors will be proudly exhibited in the Gallery, including the all-new E-Vision WXGA 600, the densely resolute dVision 35 WQXGA, our visually striking HIGHlite Cine, and the remarkable M-Vision Cine LED and dVision LED displays - both equipped with our revolutionary Lifetime Illumination systems.

Finally, our Ultimate 3D Theater will provide the perfect venue for our guests to take a comfortable seat, don a set of 3D glasses and sit back and let the magic of DP’s amazing TITAN Reference 1080p 3D immerse them in virtual worlds, including some of Hollywood’s latest 3D artistry.

DP is set to once again unveil vital new technologies, applications and entertainment at this year’s InfoComm in Las Vegas. Whether your projection needs are relatively straightforward, or ultimately complex, we are certain the time you invest with DP at the show will be time well spent. Our team is always focused on understanding customer needs and defining the optimum solution!

Next stop – Las Vegas!

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