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From the ultra-compact and lightweight iVision series to our flagship 4K Reference displays, Digital Projection's projectors for elite home entertainment feature the superior brightness, astonishing color depth and high-contrast imaging necessary to satisfy the exacting standards of the entertainment industry.


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Digital Projection creates the captivating imagery demanded in the most elite home cinemas by manufacturing the most powerful line of precision displays in the projection industry. From exclusive film festivals and Hollywood studios to regal home theaters, Digital Projection is trusted across the world in every projection application imaginable. Choose a Digital Projection display and experience Hollywood's home entertainment.

To render imagery that looks true to life, a projection system must also exhibit a broad color gamut, accurate color temperature and high-fidelity tonal reproduction, all working in unison. DP achieves this critical balance by pairing our long life lamp, LED and LASER illumination systems with optical components incorporating color primaries that match SMPTE and EBU video standards. Our LED and LASER illuminated displays feature Lifetime Illumination and can produce an even broader color space. When complemented with our proprietary digital signal processing, the resulting imagery comprised of billions or even trillions of colors demonstrates an engaging film-like appeal.


DP’s breathtaking projected imagery is a result of world-class components, efficient design and expert engineering. Put over 17 years of proven projector excellence to work in your venue, and rest assured that the entire Digital Projection International team is here to ensure your success.

Until you've experienced your favorite movie on a DP display, you've only seen half the picture. Insist on a DP projector for your awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping home entertainment experiences.

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INSIGHT 4K LASER Recognized with 'Best' Distinctions at CEDIA 2014

CEDIA 2014 expo has come to a close, and so has, at least temporarily, the show's Denver residence. Digital Projection anticipated a strong, well-attended show, and we were not disappointed. In fact, due to a few exclusive product launches, DP's booth traffic was constant with visitors both familiar and new. Additionally, hundreds of CEDIA attendees looking to expand their projection knowledge attended DP's training classes. So, to begin, a heartfelt thanks to everyone that came to the DP booth and training classes, as well as those that visited the many booths across the show floor that featured DP displays. We strive to entertain and enlighten you, the attendees, at these shows, and your participation, feedback and overall partnership is what makes that effort worthwhile.

The obvious stand-outs from the show centered on the launch of the new INSIGHT 4K series, the new crown jewels of precision projection for elite home entertainment. Fully differentiated from existing market solutions, both the INSIGHT 4K LASER and INSIGHT 4K LED brought about numerous 'best of show' comments. DP's new INSIGHT 4K LASER and INSIGHT 4K LED projectors deliver a revolutionary combination of solid-state illumination and 4K native resolution. With 20,000 hours of illumination life (LASER) and over 50,000 hours of illumination life (LED) with no lamp replacements required, the INSIGHT 4K displays produce bright, stable and color-accurate imagery with a remarkably low lifetime cost of ownership. All with the stunning detail and image subtlety that only true 4K resolution can deliver. When you think of the world's most regal residential entertainment venues, think of DP's new INSIGHT series.

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