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June / infoComm Headlines

Welcome To infoComm 2007!

Digital Projection has a variety of exciting displays and events planned for infoComm 2007 in Anaheim. Along with our own impressive multi-screen exhibit on the show floor (booth 2419) and our powerful display in the Large Venue Gallery, DP products will be making great images in many partner locations on the infoComm map.

In regard to new products, DP’s new Pro Series II projectors will command attention with their bright and accurately rendered images.  Be sure to look for the new LIGHTNING 40-1080p (20,000 ANSI lumens, 2000:1 contrast) and the new high-brightness, dual-lamp TITAN 600 series projectors.  Both platforms will be displayed making beautiful, 27’ wide imagery in the Large Venue Gallery.  Also new at infoComm, all of our single-chip DLP® projectors will be enabled with DP’s ColorMaxTM precision calibration capability as well as the exciting new Brilliant ColorTM technology from Texas Instruments.  Be sure to stop by the DP booth for a brief tour of our newest precision displays.

On Wednesday evening at The Grove in Anaheim, DP is a main sponsor of the Texas Instruments infoComm party featuring the B-52’s!  Two LIGHNTING Pro Series II projectors will be flanking the stage, delivering the HD IMAG during the concert.  TITAN Pro projectors will be providing the same HD imagery in the Grove’s entrance Gallery.

Many of our industry partners have requested the support of DP’s precision displays for their own exhibits.  Look for our TITAN, dVision, and iVision projectors at Dataton, Stewart Filmscreen, Vutec, Datavisual, Custom Display Systems, Sencore, Large Screen Displays, Schneider Optics and Scaleable Displays.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

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DP Launches High-Brightness TITAN 600 Series Projectors at infoComm

Based on dual 300-watt lamp systems and delivering 8,000 or more lumens, depending on model, the new TITAN Pro Series II displays expand DPI’s moderately priced 3-chip DLP® offerings, providing significant increases in brightness for more demanding applications.  Users can elect to run one lamp at a time to extend total run hours, or both lamps in tandem for maximum lumens.  Additionally, as a member of DP’s new Pro Series II category, operation of the 110V projectors is extraordinarily cool and quiet, due DP’s innovative SilentStreamTM airflow management design.

Employing the latest in Texas Instruments’ dark metal DLP® technology, the exclusive design of the TITAN Professional series is based on an ultra-compact, robustly built and extremely versatile platform.  Weighing only 59.5 lbs and constructed with rugged, integrated handles, the TITAN Pro series chassis features a rigid yet lightweight aluminum exterior, perfectly suited for both permanent installations and applications that require portability and ease of rigging.   The units also benefit from DPI’s NextGen signal processing, which deliver best-in-class de-interlacing, motion adaptive interpolation, HDCP compatibility and DP’s ColorMaxTM 7-point colorimetry and Xenon Color Mode (SX+ and 1080p models). 

The full press release will be available at infoComm. Stop by the DP booth to see the new high-brightness TITAN's first-hand.

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Brilliant ColorTM Announced For All Single-Chip Projectors

Digital Projection recently announced significant upgrades to all of our single-chip DLP® projectors.  Increases in projector brightness as well as enhancements to color performance mark the launch of the new iVision 20, iVision 30 and dVision 30 series projectors.

The most prominent of the new product improvements is the inclusion of Brilliant ColorTM technology from Texas Instruments. Brilliant ColorTM enables increased projector brightness and improved color saturation by expanding the color gamut through the addition of cyan, magenta, and yellow color points. This is accomplished by advanced DMD formatters and either the addition of dedicated C M and Y color filters, or including these colors within the transitional phase of conventional RGB color wheels. By adding cyan, magenta and yellow segments to the standard RGB color wheel, additional spectral energy from the lamp is captured, thus increasing projector brightness. Also, the projectors’ color gamut is expanded, creating a broader range of more saturated colors without sacrificing light output.

Click HERE for the full press release

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Pro Series II Defines 3-chip DLP

Within our introduction of new products at infoComm 2007, Digital Projection is unveiling the new Pro Series II line of precision DLP displays. Advancements in color calibration, cooling technology and cross-compatibility are among the most important benefits.

Recently introduced in the new high-brightness TITAN and LIGHTNING platforms, as well as in the single-chip iVision and dVision series, is DP’s exclusive ColorMaxTM technology, which refers to advanced color calibration features incorporated within these new displays.  In the TITAN and LIGHTNING Pro Series II family of projectors, an incredible amount of user control over color balance is available.  While most projectors only allow the user to adjust values affecting the white point of a projector, the new TITAN and LIGHTNING products are equipped with Enhanced 7-point color correction that allows the user to pinpoint exact values of white, red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow. 

Click HERE for the full press release

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infoComm China
Digital Projection Exhibits at infoComm China

Digital Projection International recently took part in the Integrated Systems China exhibition in Beijing.  This was the first event for the new DPI China office after opening its doors in November 2006. 

Bruce Xiong, manager of Digital Projection China, sought to continue the established presence that Digital Projection currently garners at infoComm USA.   Supported by an expert team from Digital Projection’s headquarters in Manchester, DPI China created a powerful 128,000 lumen array of Digital Projection’s line of single-chip and 3-chip DLP® projectors.  The display consisted of 12 projectors on 8 screens and featured DPI’s Pro Series including the TITAN 1080p-500 and LIGHTNING 40isx+. Due to the size and scope of the display, the event took place off-site at the Nikko New Century Hotel.

The event was well attended by over 1000 people from a variety of commercial and home theater markets, many of which had never experienced the magnitude of a display produced by the veteran DPI team.   Swedish based Dataton also supported the event with their impressive WATCHOUT system.

Mr. Bruce Xiong the head of Digital Projection China stated after the show “This royal show is the first time Digital Projection has introduced itself to the China market. As the innovator of 3-chip DLP® technology, Digital Projection always commits to the highest level of research, design and to the development of the most professional image quality. The visitors to this 3-day spectacle formed an endless stream with the total number exceeding our expectations. We hope the Chinese clients have a better understanding of what makes Digital Projection special from attending this exhibition. In the near future, we will enable our Chinese customers to learn even more about the professional Digital Projection product range including its advanced technology.” 

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LIGHTNING Pro Projectors At The Palm Casino Pearl Room

Photo of the Month


DPI Dealer Island Systems recently installed 2 LIGHTNING 40sx+ projectors at the famous Palms casino in Las Vegas. The projectors are located in the Pearl concert theater in the casino. The spectacular venue opened its doors last April.

Pearl Room

The theater was designed such that every seat in the house had an excellent view of the stage. Both of DP's LIGHTNING 40sx+'s project onto screens over 20 feet wide, flanking each side of the stage.


Photos courtesy of Island Systems & Design

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