Product Update: dVision 35 Series Projectors

Product Update: dVision 35 Series Projectors

DP's DLP-driven dVision product lineup has been a huge success for many years. And no wonder… equipped with up to WQXGA native resolution, dual lamps, dual color wheels and extraordinary lenses with extreme lens-shift capabilities, dVisions represent the absolute pinnacle of single-chip DLP display technology.

In June, the entire dVision 35 series is being enhanced in two important ways: capabilities and price!

The new capabilities include:
• LED illuminated models producing more than 1000 lumens, and with native resolutions up to WQXGA!

• LED illuminated models with full 3D connectivity.

• UHP illuminated models with full 3D connectivity.

• Connect+ technology, which provides input expansion and extended compatibility options with sources such as 3G-SDI and HDMI 1.4a. With Connect+, dVision projectors become even more adaptable, capable and future proof.

• New, ultra high resolution lenses with exceptional contrast and MTF performance.

With respect to price enhancements, success breeds savings! The overwhelming success of the dVision series has allowed DP to realize important cost benefits, and we want to build on our present successes by passing those cost benefits along to our customers. Specifically, while performance has been enhanced on the dVision 35 series projectors, so has the value proposition. DP's upcoming Home Cinema pricing will reveal that nearly every dVision 35 series projector benefits from a major price reduction – as much as 20% on many models.

The dVision 35 series – the pinnacle of single chip performance, suited for a tremendous array of important applications, now priced to fit even more customer's financial requirements as well.

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InfoComm 2012 – It's Finally Here!

Digital Projection's InfoComm Teaser

With infoComm kicking off this week (!), you can be sure the DP team is in the final moments of constructing our dynamic exhibit in the Las Vegas Convention Center. As mentioned last month, 2012 marks DP's historic 15 year anniversary , and to commemorate that celebration, our exhibit at InfoComm will be packed with the latest in class-leading projection technology. We are proudly announcing new models across our entire range of remarkable projectors – from the mighty and budget friendly E-Vision series to our flagship 30,000 lumen LIGHTNING Pro Series 3D displays, there will be lots of new and exciting projection powerhouses to see in the DP booth.

Coming to the show, or simply interested in what DP has in store? Here's a glimpse of our newest projection solutions and technology innovations – examples of which will all be on exhibit:

E-Vision Series – Initially launched just a short year ago, the original E-Vision WXGA 600 packed a powerful combination of high lumens and affordability. The E-Vision platform has been so successful, we are launching 3 brand-new E-Vision models:
  — E-Vision WXGA 7000 – An evolution of the original 600 series, sporting a new, rugged all-metal chassis, higher lumens, Warp, Blend, 3D capability and user replaceable color wheels. Now, DP customers can have a powerfully bright projector at an entry level price point with all the bells and whistles!
  — E-Vision 1080p 8000 & WUXGA 8000 – The new 8000 series E-Vision models have been engineered into DP's streamlined "cine" style cabinets, while retaining all-metal construction. Boasting 8,000 blistering lumens through either 1080p or WUXGA native resolution, the E-Vision 8000 series is packed with an arsenal of inputs, offers an array of lens options, Warp, Blend and user swappable color wheels.

CLICK HERE to read the entire InfoComm New Product Unveiling.

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Training Update – Upcoming Home Cinema Opportunities

Training Update – Upcoming Commercial AV Opportunities

Our Home Cinema reps and dealers have two compelling training opportunities coming up in July. See below for details.

1) Home Cinema Rep Factory Training
2012 Home Cinema Rep - Factory Training Event: July 18th and 19th

2011 saw a great deal of expansion in terms of DP's headquarters, product line and support capabilities. Yet another facet of this expansion that we're pleased to announce centers on offering our partners a varied training schedule throughout 2012, with numerous opportunities for DP's Home Cinema reps and integrators to learn in a hands-on environment. This exclusive Home Cinema rep event will require two days of participation, with a hands-on lab where attendees get to walk through the set up process under the guidance of DP training and technical personnel.

We are asking that all reps send at least one person from their firm to this training session. CLICK HERE to read a detailed course syllabus and 2-day schedule. Home Cinema Reps are expected to pay for their travel, while Digital Projection will cover hotel and food expenses.

IMPORTANT: Please RSVP no later than July 3, 2012.

CLICK HERE to read the full article.

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CE Pro Dives into the Details behind DP's Big Bang & Bash Getaway

1st Annual Big Bang & Bash Dealer Event

Jason Knott, respected industry figurehead and editor of CE Pro, recently interviewed DPI president Mike Levi, as well as a few of the dealers that attended DP's Big Bang & Bash Getaway in Costa Rica.

Here's an excerpt:
Knott: "So why Costa Rica, and does an event like this help DPI with its dealers?"

"To the first question, DPI president Mike Levi wanted someplace that was an adventure for their dealers. 'We launched the contest so quickly that we initially didn't know where we were going to take people. At first, we thought about a cruise but concluded that was not such an unusual experience. I believe it's important to go somewhere that is an adventure. That will be burned in your memory … that is an experience. This Los Suenos resort offered just what we needed.'"

Read the rest of the article by clicking here.

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REMINDER: CEA Lineshows in NYC – Don't Miss this Consumer Electronics Expo in June

TCEA Lineshows in NYC – Don't Miss this Consumer Electronics Expo in June

DP will display the pinnacle of large-screen home entertainment at the upcoming CEA Lineshows in New York City. Showcasing both well-established and unprecedented solutions, we will feature two distinct precision displays from June 27 - 29, 2012.

The first will be the award-winning TITAN Reference 1080p-3D, the standard for the world's elite home cinemas. Insisted upon in regal personal screening rooms and large-screen home entertainment venues, the TITAN Reference 1080p-3D introduced precision 3D to the world nearly two years ago, and continues to set the benchmark for what truly immersive home entertainment should be.

The second projector we will present is the dVision Scope 1080p, the premier Home Cinema solution for anamorphic lens-free, full resolution, constant height projection. The 2560 x 1080 native resolution dVision Scope 1080p presents an aspect-ratio morphing projection solution, delivering OVER 2.75 million PIXELS of imagery. Home Cinema enthusiasts can FINALLY eliminate the black letterbox bars and see the COMPLETE image at the full height of their screen, without an external anamorphic lens. Proud Scope owners worldwide have rediscovered their favorite films, experiencing detail and subtle characteristics that were hard to appreciate on lesser displays.

Seeing is believing when it comes to the stellar imagery produced by the TITAN Reference 1080p 3D and the dVision Scope 1080p, so make sure to visit Digital Projection and our respected industry partners at the upcoming CEA Lineshow in NYC.

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Photos of the Month


Cantara Design Relies on Digital Projection

Cantara Design of Los Angeles, CA, recently completed a massive 45-seat private cinema of such magnitude and quality that it raises the bar for private cinemas worldwide. The video system features a record-breaking 18' wide Stewart curved screen paired with a Digital Projection reference level TITAN 3D projector. The audio system is a tremendous Genelec speaker array, which includes screen speakers usually used in the world's largest professional mixing studios. Ten high-powered surround speakers and eighteen 12" subwoofers complete the speaker package, all calibrated through a studio-grade QSC Signal Processor.

Cantara Design Relies on Digital Projection

Each of the 45 seats among the main auditorium and balcony enjoy total luxury and ultimate cinematic performance. The front row of chairs feature D-Box motion seats.

Cantara Design Relies on Digital Projection

The 18 foot wide 3D curved screen, one of the largest residential curved screens in the world, elevates this room beyond a traditional home theater and into the category of true Private Cinema.

Cantara Design Relies on Digital Projection
The balcony features two 46" LED screens which display the same content as the big screen. This area also features two pair of surround speakers, so guests enjoy the same audio quality as on the main level.

Cantara Design Relies on Digital Projection

Per Jason Voorhees, principal at Cantara Design, "The room's performance blows past any preconceived expectation of what film should sound or look like, and consistently earns the comment 'This is the best theater I have ever experienced' from guests and industry veterans alike."

Jason would also like to especially recognize Slayman Design & Associates for their essential design guidance and creative services.

We at DP have no doubt that you'll be seeing more of this theater in publications throughout the year. Congratulations to Cantara Design on creating such an exquisite theater, and thank you for insisting on Digital Projection's precision displays for Home Cinemas worldwide! Photos courtesy of Cantara Design and Eric Figge Photography.

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Tech Tip

Understanding Brightness in Projector Selection

Understanding Brightness in Projector Selection

Oftentimes the lumen output rating on a projector is used to define required brightness for an application. This can be misleading for several reasons. To begin, the lumen rating on a projector does not take into account the screen size or the screen material that is being used. Nor does it take into consideration the venue and environmental constraints within which the projector is being installed. A final limitation is that the lumen rating of a display does not allow you to account for brightness lost through calibration of the projector or lamp degradation due to use. For these reasons, it is far more accurate to use Foot Lamberts to help define your requirements for the application.

A Foot Lambert is a measure of light reflected off the screen surface back at the audience. To calculate this measurement you will need to know the lumen light output of the projector, the surface area of your screen in square feet and the gain of the screen material. The diagram above depicts the process and illustrates the formula required to calculate Foot Lamberts.

To derive Foot Lamberts, divide the lumen output of the projector by the surface area of the screen in square feet, then multiply that result by the gain of the screen. The resulting number is Foot Lamberts or the measured amount of light reflected off the screens surface. Keep in mind that, when performing this calculation, you will need to estimate brightness lost through calibration of the projector and lamp degradation due to use. You will do this by factoring in a percentage decrease to the manufacture's lumen specification for the projector. In a typical application it would be safe to assume a decrease of 25%. For example, if the projector lumen spec was 2000 lumens, you would use 1500 lumens in your formula when calculating Foot Lamberts.

The table below details some generally accepted targets for Foot Lambert values based on the type of application. Once you have calculated Foot Lamberts for your application, compare that number to the chart below to verify your results.

Understanding Brightness in Projector Selection
Perception vs. Reality
One important concept to keep in mind is the audience's perception of brightness when designing in an environment with ambient light. Nearly everyone has seen a flat panel display and generally considers that to be the standard when viewing video. Generally speaking, the Foot Lambert rating on flat panel displays is roughly 70 Foot Lamberts. That means if you are designing against a flat panel display, the combination of projector and screen that you choose for your application should yield a Foot Lambert value of 70 or greater. If it does not, then your projected image will appear dimmer that a flat panel display which may result in an unsatisfied client.

Contact our dedicated Applications Support for additional support with projection applications at 770-420-1350 or send an email to

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