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DP Announces HUGE Expansion of M-Vision Cine Product Line
DP Announces HUGE Expansion of M-Vision Cine Product Line

When DP launched the first of our M-Vision series displays last year, we already had a proven, successful single-chip DLP product line in place. The new high-value, high-performance M-Visions were initially introduced to address a key pricepoint gap in our product line offering.

Suffice to say, the M-Visions have been an unprecedented success. So popular, in fact, that we've been hard at work evolving the platform in order to fully address a diverse array of applications.

The M-Vision series has rapidly expanded to now include high-contrast and high-brightness single-lamp models, high-brightness dual-lamp models, LED and even 3D models. From home cinema to gaming to corporate and Houses of Worship, there is now a product in the M-Vision lineup to suit nearly any task. And all for price points previously unavailable in the DP precision display line.

The following outlines the available projectors within each category:

M-Vision Cine-230 - MSRP=$6,995-$7,495
- 1,000 lumens/3000:1 contrast

M-Vision 260 HC & HB - MSRP=$8,495-$8,995
- up to 3,500 lumens/up to 3000:1 contrast

M-Vision Cine 400 - MSRP=$11,995-$12,495
- 5,500 lumens/2000:1 contrast

M-Vision Cine LED - MSRP=$15,995-$16,495
- 600 lumens/10,000:1 contrast

M-Vision Cine 3D - MSRP=$17,995-$18,495
- 5,500 lumens/2,000:1 contrast

If you'd like more information on any of our dynamic M-Vision displays, please contact us by clicking here.

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WQXGA and LED Receive CEDIA Recognition
DP Projectors Receive Lion's Share of Industry Recognition

Due to our fierce dedication to product research and development, DP continues to introduce new technologies, as well as new capabilities, ahead of our competitors. Our 60,000+ hour Lifetime Illumination M-Vision Cine LED and 4 million pixel dVision 35-WQXGA are perfect examples of this dedication. And thankfully, our hard work has been widely recognized.

The M-Vision Cine LED received a Custom Retailer EXC!TE Award at CEDIA, as well as recognition as a Residential Magazine Resi Awards finalist. Click here to read more about the EXC!TE Award. Additionally, the dVision 35-WQXGA received CE Pro's Best Product designation. Click here to read more.

Both projectors were also chosen as CEDIA Expo "Best New Product" Finalists.

Digital Projection Wins Best New Projector at CEDIA
Ready for more? DP is honored to announce that rAVe Publications has recognized the new $6,995 M-Vision Cine 230 as "Best New Projector" at CEDIA 2010. Furthermore, the large-screen 3D gaming demo we built for our Hard Rock Cafe party won "Best Demo at CEDIA" as well!

Many thanks to rAVe, Custom Retailer, CE Pro and Residential Systems -- we always appreciate a pat on the back!

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DP Dealers Sweep CEDIA Expo Awards

As we refuse to sell our precision displays through distribution or through the internet, we prize our dealer network above all else. So when we have exceptional news regarding our dealers, we want to share it with the world!

Aside from the obvious gains in market share that CEDIA brought, the CEDIA awards brought us another major reason to celebrate. Over 70% of this year's CEDIA Designer Awards went to ACTIVE DP home cinema dealers -- now THAT'S remarkable.

Please join us in congratulating the following home cinema dealers on their CEDIA awards:
Audio Images (Henry's Audio Visual Solutions) - Tustin, CA
HomeTronics, Inc.- Dallas, TX
DSI Entertainment Systems - Los Angeles, CA
Future Home - Los Angeles, CA
New Space Technologies - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Engineered Environments - Alameda, CA
Architectural Electronics, Inc. - Winter Park, FL
Integration Controls LLC - St. Louis, MO
Admit One, Inc. - Edina, MN
Electronics Design Group, Inc. - Piscataway, NJ
Audio Video Design, Inc. - Mission Viejo, CA
Audio Video Interiors - Medina, OH
Integrated Home Systems - Reno, NV
Aurant - Salt Lake City, UT
Starr Systems Design - Baltimore, MD
Ambiance Systems - Clifton Park, NY
Innerspace Electronics, Inc. - Port Chester, NY


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Attention HC Dealers: Updated Home Cinema Pricing Now Available

As of October 14, 2010, Digital Projection announced an update to our Dealer and List pricing exclusively to our Home Cinema Dealers and Reps. The updated price list is available to you NOW in the password-protected HC Dealer portal at Simply enter your username and password after clicking the Login link at the top right of the home page.

Major updates to the October 14, 2010 pricing include:
• Confirmation of first shipments of the brand-new $6,995 M-Vision Cine 230. First shipments taking place early Nov.

• M-Vision Cine 400 - New high-brightness, high-value display line, great for media rooms with ambient light. First shipments early Nov.

• 4 Million Pixel dVision WQXGA - Highest DLP resolution available today. Supports anamorphic constant-height applications without the need for an anamorphic lens.

• Launch of 2nd generation Dimension 3D servers: Dimension Silver, Gold and Platinum with pricing starting at $20K.

• M-Vision Cine 3D - DP's new high-brightness, single-chip 3D platform.

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DP to Participate in Both CE Pro Summit 100 and Home Theater Cruise
DP to Participate in Both CE Pro Summit 100 and as Sponsor of Home Theater Cruise

2010 has in some ways already surpassed our expectations as a company. In order to build on this momentum, DP will be participating in both the CE Pro Summit 100 and Home Theater Cruise in November.

The Summit is held from Nov. 1-3 in Los Angeles, where senior executives from the custom electronics industry's largest and most progressive integration companies will be treated to three days of intensive learning, peer networking and vendor contact. More information on the Summit can be found by clicking here.

The 9th Annual Home Theater Cruise takes place from Nov. 13-20, and will include intensive training on 3D and other home entertainment-centered technologies in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere.

If you're planning on attending either event, we look forward to seeing you there. Otherwise, we'll be sure to post pictures on our Facebook page once the events wrap.

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Digital Projection's CEDIA Recap
DP Goes to 11 at CEDIA '10!


This year's CEDIA Expo marked the largest CEDIA show undertaking in Digital Projection's history, and proved to be yet another remarkable stride forward. Years ahead of the competition in developing 3D, LED and high-lumen precision projectors, DP continued to expand the world's most dynamic projector product line in all directions.

Digital Projection's CEDIA Recap
The new high-value M-Vision Cine 400-3D marked a massive milestone in bringing large-screen active 3D to the masses. Further, products such as the new M-Vision Cine 230 introduced DP's renowned displays to a new dealer base as the first DP projector below $7,000 MSRP. All this and more are covered in detail below.

Digital Projection's CEDIA Recap

Thank you to everyone who spent time with us in Atlanta at our private events, in our booth and at our massive "Go to 11!" party at the Hard Rock Cafe. Your interest and loyalty continue to motivate us, and we have you to thank for our mutual success.

Digital Projection's CEDIA Recap

Also, check the Digital Projection Facebook page for the full collection of photos from the booth and "Go to 11!" party at the Hard Rock Cafe -- click here to visit the DP Facebook page.

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DP's CEDIA Specials
HUGE Savings on Select CEDIA Projectors and DP Demo Units Still Available

It's not too late to find a deep discount on select precision displays used at CEDIA!

Available projectors include:
  - TITAN Reference 1080p-3D units!
  - M-Vision Cine LED projectors - below $8000
  - M-Vision Cine 260 projectors - below $4000
  - DEEP DISCOUNTS on all single-chip displays listed
  - Plenty more that will be here today and gone tomorrow!

For a comprehensive list of products on the InfoComm Specials list, please click here to contact your local DP regional manager.

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Sapphire Marketing's Boston Roadshow
Recent Rep Shows Display DP's Growing Product Line

Sapphire Marketing, DP's Home Cinema and Commercial AV Rep throughout the Northeast, and Mizzen Marketing, DP's Commercial AV Rep in Texas and the surrounding states, both wrapped up ambitious dealer shows in October.

Sapphire Marketing's Boston Roadshow
Sapphire Marketing's Boston Roadshow displayed both residential and commercial projectors from DP's varied product line to both regional consultants and AV integrators. The TITAN 1080p-3D took center stage within the exhibit, joined by the E-Vision WXGA-600, M-Vision Cine-260 and M-Vision 1080p-LED.

Sapphire Marketing's Boston Roadshow
Mizzen Marketing's Dallas AV Expo included a seminar given by DP regional manager Eric Lardner entitled "Emerging Projection Technologies." Additionally, key commercial displays from DP's product line were demonstrated including the M-Vision Cine 260 and LED, the $5,995 MSRP E-Vision WXGA-600, the HIGHlite Cine 260 and the TITAN 1080p-3D.

Mizzen Marketing's Dallas AV Expo
Mizzen Marketing's Dallas AV Expo
DP Rep Shows in October

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Photos of the Month

CEDIA 2010

Digital Projection went above and beyond at this year's CEDIA Expo in Atlanta, Georgia. Between the 60' x 50' show space, being the featured projector in CEDIA's Future Tech Pavilion and the massive Hard Rock party, we took plenty of photos to commemorate the four day stretch.

You can find more photos from the CEDIA-related events at our Facebook page by clicking here.

Digital Projection at CEDIA 2010
Digital Projection at CEDIA 2010
Digital Projection at CEDIA 2010
Digital Projection at CEDIA 2010
Digital Projection at CEDIA 2010

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Tech Tip


Earlier this year, Digital Projection International introduced the revolutionary M-Vision Cine LED. By now, most of us are probably aware of this product's many performance and cost of ownership benefits.

Those benefits include:
• Extraordinarily wide color gamut – wider than the commonly referenced Rec709 and NTSC color spaces
• Absolutely NO color wheel artifacts
• Lifetime Illumination™ - 60,000 hour illumination engine life means there's never a need for a lamp replacement
• Extremely quiet operation (30 dBA)
• Small form factor
• Low power consumption (350 watts@110V)
• Very low operating temperature
• Cool factor -- the most advanced and efficient illumination technology available today!

One facet of the projector that has challenged audiences accustomed to purely lamp-driven projectors is the relatively low light output as compared to other projection illumination technologies.

With a proper light meter, on average, we measure around 600 lumens from the new M-Vision Cine LED. When comparing LED specifications with lamp-lit projectors, customers that have yet to see the LED projector in action might be tempted to overlook the LED-driven projector on spec alone.

This would be a critical mistake, as due to the way humans perceive light projected from a Light Emitting Diode, those 600 lumens seem much brighter. Over the course of dozens of M-Vision Cine LED demonstrations, when asked to estimate how bright the projected image is, the average of the perceived brightness fell between 1500 and 2000 lumens.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

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