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DPI Announces 30,000 Lumen Professional Series Display

ATLANTA, GA, (November 19, 2007) Digital Projection International (DPI), an Emmy® Award-winning manufacturer of high-performance projection systems, announced the introduction of the newest and brightest projector in its large venue Professional Series, the LIGHTNING 45HD-3D.  Advancements within the projector’s prism and optics enable the display to produce 35% higher lumens without any increase in lamp wattage, thermal dissipation or fan noise.  These operational benefits position the LIGHTNING 45HD-3D as the quietest, most compact and most energy efficient projector in the ultra high brightness lumen category.

Featuring 30,000 center lumens and 2000:1 contrast, the 2048x1080 pixel resolution LIGHTNING 45HD-3D is identical in size, weight and functional capability to the previous LIGHTNING 35 and 40HD-T projectors, which are already in widespread use throughout the worldwide staging industry and in major venues around the globe.  Beyond the LIGHTNING HD-3D’s improvements in optical efficiency, the increase in ANSI lumens is further enabled through DP’s hyper-cooled lamp module, which dramatically improves projector thermal characteristics and extends reflector life and lumen maintenance. 

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DP & MGA Partner for "The Caring Place"

In an effort to restore the technology resources for an inner-city youth outreach ministry in Indianapolis, DP dealer Michael Garrison Associates (MGA) contacted Digital Projection for help with a very unique project.

For over twenty years, “The Caring Place” has provided spiritual leadership, clothing, medical services and food to a large segment of inner-city youth in the Indianapolis area.    Realizing the decline in necessary audio/video resources available for their ministry, the Assemblies of God U.S. Missions led an “extreme church makeover” to revitalize the operations at The Caring Place.

MGA and Special Event Services (SES) contacted their network of manufacturer partners and helped organize over $250,000 in hardware, design and installation services for the project.

Digital Projection donated 3 TITAN HD-500 projectors for the main display area. The revitalized space now provides an extraordinary venue for The Caring Place to continue their mission.

See the images in our Photo of the Month section HERE

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ISF-C Training: A Great Experience At DPI

Last week, Digital Projection hosted a 2-day ISF-C training seminar and certification course, presented by Brawn Consulting. Instructors Alan and Jonathan Brawn provided the core curriculum training, while DP's George Walter (member of the ISF-C board of directors) provided assistance throughout the training program.

Focusing on the art and science of calibration, the course covered an in-depth range of display technologies and the methods by which to calibrate them in various environments.


Attendees of the class benefitted from hands on display calibration training on DP's TITAN Pro Series II projectors and calibration tools from Sencore.

As proponents of proper image calibration and the core fundamentals of ISF-C, DPI encourages all of our dealers to attend an upcoming DPI or ISF-C sponsored training opportunity.


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DPI & SPL Experience "World Class Driving"

Have you ever been to an exotic car show and drooled over the super car that was sitting there, just out of arms reach and dreamed "...some day..." ?

“Some day” came for several of the DPI team last month. Digital Projection, along with our dealer SPL, co-sponsored a Super Car weekend in Las Vegas. DPI's Chuck Collins and Steve Sherk hosted several industry consultants for an exciting day driving millions of dollars worth of high technology, fashioned around carbon fiber and esoteric metals.

DPI & SPL World Class Driving

The invigorating drive took place in the Lake Mead National Park near Lake Las Vegas. Most surprisingly, only one driver got a ticket! Each participant took turns driving the following dream cars: Ferrari 599, Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Gallardo, Aston Martin Vantage, Corvette Z06 and the McLaren SLR.

The opportunity was an amazing experience that will not be forgotten. Digital Projection is eager to work with our customers on programs that create future business opportunities and high brand value. Speak with your DPI regional manager to discuss your ideas.

DPI & SPL World Class Driving

DPI, SPL and a group of eager consultants get ready to embark on the drive of a lifetime.

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Modern Art House Cinema Chooses DPI

Upper Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand is home to The Ascot Cinemas, a new style of cinema multiplex in the area. The 4-screen facility caters to both mainstream and art house genres in unsurpassed surroundings. DP distributor TAGNZ were chosen as suppliers of the video projection system by Digital Projection as well as the cinema speaker system.

The 4 screen complex seats up to 130 customers per venue for screenings in both digital and film formats. A 3-chip DLP® display from DPI provides breathtaking projection on a 6.5 meter screen using DVI sourced material.

AMI Sales

"We wanted to raise the standard for cinema exhibition by using world class brands", said Fran Cole, General Manager, Ascot Cinemas. "With cinema in a transitional period from film to E & D Cinema, we wanted to avoid the poor quality being offered by many supposed 'digital cinemas'. Having excelled in the annual New Zealand Film Festival, we knew [DPI] quality would exceed the customers expectations"


"We're proud to have been involved in the Ascot Cinemas project and the opportunity of working with Fran Cole,” said Andy Milne, Technical Director, TAGNZ Ltd. "Fran is highly respected in the film exhibitors industry in New Zealand and she consistently strives to archive the highest standards. DPI has long been associated with high quality video projection with hallmark, film-like imaging capability. With more and more films created and displayed digitally, this is an exciting time for the cinema industry and we are proud to be leading the new wave of technology."

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DPI Donates Three TITAN Projectors For Community Project

Photo of the Month


Three TITAN HD-500 displays were donated by Digital Projection for the worship facility at The Caring Place in Indianapolis.
(See full article for details)

Pearl Room

MGA (Michael Garrison Associates) and Special Event Services (SES) contacted their network of manufacturer partners and helped organize over $250,000 in hardware, design and installation services for the project.
(See full article for details)

Photos courtesy of Michael Garrison Associates & The Mobius Group

Photo of the month archive

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Brilliant Color Options Explained
Part II

Last month, our tech tip covered the fundamental differences among DP’s new Brilliant Color™ color wheel options.   This month, we bring you information about specific applications in which to use the different color wheels.

“C” – RGBCMY + lens aperture   - Enhanced contrast
This color wheel configuration is most commonly used in projectors with a lens aperture and is designed to improve black level performance. The color wheel, combined with an internal aperture in the projector light path, is designed to optimize color and black level for controlled light environments or dark rooms. 

XC – RGBCMY – Enhanced chroma
This option adds intermediate colors, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow to the standard RGB color space.  The XC color wheel provides better overall color saturation and dynamic range.  This color wheel also improves lamp efficiency, resulting in increased light output.  The XC color wheel is excellent for home cinema and HD viewing.

XB – RGBCYW - Balanced
This color wheel option adds a pure clear segment for white boost.  The color saturation and dynamic range benefits are similar to the XC color wheel, but the added white segment provides more light output for boardroom and media room applications where ambient light must be considered. 

XL – RGBCYW – Enhanced luminance
The XL color wheel includes the exact same colors in the glass as the XB, but a larger white segment is utilized for the highest light output.  This color wheel is designed for applications with large area white images like spreadsheets or word documents.  The large clear element in the color wheel allows for maximum white boost.

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