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DPI Opens China Offices

MANCHESTER, UK (December 13, 2006) – Digital Projection International (DPI), an Emmy® Award-winning manufacturer of high-performance projection systems, announced the expansion of the company’s worldwide operations with the official opening of DP China.

Under the direction of Bruce Xiong, Manager of DP China, the company’s newest offices are located in Beijing and will serve as a distribution, sales, service and support hub for surrounding Asian markets. Xiong joins Digital Projection with an extensive background in the A/V Industry and will be assisted by four other new DP associates.

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Sundance 2007 Preview

For the ninth year in a row, Digital Projection will be the “official provider of video projectors” for the prestigious Sundance Film Festival.

Digital Projection will provide displays for 17 venues throughout Park City and Salt Lake City. Projectors from virtually every product family will be utilized during the festival. LIGHTNING 40HD-T projectors will be used for the larger screens and HIGHlite, TITAN, and dVision models will be used on the smaller screens. An iVision may even find it’s way into the technicians’ condo for “after-hours” movie viewing!

Projectors used at the festival are carefully selected based on their capability of projecting the proper SMPTE specified lumens on the screen as well as the appropriate resolution based on screen size and content.

Digital Projection began providing projectors in 1999 as part of a filmmaker’s workshop. Ironically, at that workshop, DP’s Chuck Collins was heckled, booed and nearly chased out of town for promoting digital video as a medium in which to project movies. The next year, Digital Projection was asked to provide projectors for 3 screens. Each year the quantity requested by the festival has increased - and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, filmmakers have come to realize that DPI provides an incredibly important tool for their craft. Video projection of a movie literally saves tens of thousands of dollars over the cost of distributing films via celluloid prints!

Every category in the festival, from premiers to documentaries, has featured movies projected digitally rather than with film – and video has won in virtually every category.

DPI is honored to be the only digital projector manufacturer that the festival has ever used. At press time we don't have the exact quantity of digital presentations at Sundance 2007, but if past trends continue there will be more video content than film!

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TITAN Production & Availability Update

We are pleased to report that DP’s expanded TITAN lineup, launched at INFOCOMM and CEDIA, has achieved tremendous sales success. Although our initial production was hampered by availability of some key components, production is now rolling for the TITAN sx+ 500, XG-500 and HD-500. We shipped dozens of units in November and we will ship dozens more in December. We have a fairly large backlog to fill, but we expect that by the end of January, new orders for these twin-lamp TITAN displays will ship within 1-2 weeks ARO.

The single-lamp, home cinema oriented TITAN HD-250 is next in line. With production expected to commence in late December, our backlog will be filled in January and early February. By the end of February the TITAN HD-250 should be available for new orders within 1-2 weeks ARO.

Finally, DP’s production for the highly anticipated TITAN 1080p-500 and TITAN 1080p-250 is expected to launch in late Q1 2007. No doubt, all of our March and much of April’s production output will go toward filling our already significant backlog. If you don’t have your orders placed for TITAN 1080p units and you or your customers have expectations of taking delivery in April or May, we encourage you to get your orders placed with DP ASAP.

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2006: Year In Review

As the sun sets on 2006, looking back, the year proved to deliver a stream of healthy growth and exciting projects for DP. Bolstered by our expanding all-DLP product line and our maturing dealer base here in North America, DP enjoyed sales expansion in nearly every projection market our products serve.

On the international front, Digital Projection Limited secured some very large fleet projects in 2006 - the most notable being with European stagers and our Digital Cinema project in India.

Going further to the East, in December, Digital Projection opened our new sales office in China. No doubt, much growth can be expected as our associates in the Far East bring DP’s precision displays to this very promising market.

Looking ahead to 2007, our plan continues to focus on steady and measured growth. Lots of details within that plan – some new products, some new markets and some new investments, but those details will roll out as we progress into the year.

For now, as we anticipate the holidays and the coming of the New Year, we are simply thankful for the growing number of discerning customers who invest their confidence in DP’s products and their trust with our associates. Digital Projection’s success is a direct result of that trust, and we are sincerely appreciative that you choose to place it with us.

Happy Holidays and have a very joyous New Year.

With all our gratitude,

The Digital Projection Team

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Happy Holidays From DPI!

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Tech Tip: Using DP's New and Improved Screen Brightness Calculator

We have received lots of positive feedback on DP’s popular Screen Brightness Calculator. As a result dealer and customer suggestions, we have just completed an update of this calculator, adding some new capabilities and tools.

One especially helpful feature of the Screen Brightness Calculator is its ability to define the screen contrast ratio (environmental dynamic range) for specific applications. Our original calculator provided a box where the user could enter a value representing the measured ambient light falling on the screen. For many installations, our dealers were unable to actually measure this value, but they still needed some guidance regarding the contrast ratio the could expect to create in the environment. Based on this request, DP set out to capture average ambient light values for a variety of room lighting conditions. Our research and actual measurements revealed the following results:

1. Managing room light to keep it from directly striking the screen surface dramatically improves the contrast ratio and perceived black level.

2. For non cinema applications and depending on the content, very low environmental contrast ratios - even as low as 5:1 - can produce surprisingly good and appropriate images.

3. In high ambient light applications, projector brightness is the dominant factor for creating good environmental dynamic range and good imagery. In these environments, projector contrast ratio is the least important factor to consider.

4. Even the brightest projectors can’t compete with direct sunlight, so unshaded windows present a significant challenge.

Manufacturer's specifications for projector contrast ratios have been skyrocketing the past few years. As a result, most dealers expect to see very high measured contrast ratios, and are disappointed to see much lower contrast ratios actually achieved in projection environments. In reality, unless the room is extremely dark and there are no reflective surfaces, it is virtually impossible to achieve actual contrast ratios of greater than 1000:1. In fact, one technical website indicated that movie studios are happy to achieve 500:1 contrast on first generation, first run films in a commercial Cinema. The good news is that the human eye is only critically sensitive to high contrast and deep black levels in a darkened environment.

Our new Screen Brightness Calculator can be downloaded from the DP website here. Please take a look at the new features. As a test, enter the brightness and contrast values of your favorite projector, and see how it can be expected to perform in a variety of ambient light conditions. Remember to use a conservative value for projector lumens, as light output will reduce as projection lamps accumulate hours of use. To be conservative, systems should be designed to meet brightness requirements at 75% of the specified lamp light output. This will assure a high quality image is maintained as the lamp ages and will help avoid customer disappointment.

Please continue to offer your helpful feedback regarding our application tools. We will always work to improve these calculators to better serve the needs of our customers, and to help us all create masterful projection applications.

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