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Welcome to 2011!

Happy New Year… and what a great new year it is going to be! DP saw consistent stabilization and strengthening of the economy through 2010, allowing us to post the biggest year in our history!

Entering 2011, our 15th year of doing business, we could not be more bullish. Integrator, Consultant and End User activity is strong in nearly all markets, our dealer channels to the markets are deeper than they have ever been, the economy continues to strengthen and our precision display lineup is more diverse, capable and application-relevant than it has ever been.

Here is a snapshot of our current product lineup:
DP's Product Range
Click here to see the full-size printable Product Range document.

With such a positive outlook for 2011, DP is making incredibly significant investments to assure we continue to deliver the very best projection products along with the best customer services in the projection industry. The expansion of our US facility is well underway (click here for recent photos via Facebook), we are adding experienced associates to our Application Support, Tech Support, Field Engineering, Training and Customer Service teams, and we are even opening new offices in key international markets.

Without a doubt, we owe sincere thanks to the multitude of customers and industry partners who have been true business friends and important contributors to our growth. We plan to return the favors by bringing you the most dynamic and innovative product range in our history, along with the most comprehensive package of customer-oriented resources DP has ever offered. Here’s to making 2011 a great year for all of us!

From everyone at Digital Projection, thanks for helping us grow, and welcome to the New Year!

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NEW: 2011 Reference Showroom Dealer Program Details

With pace-setting products such as the TITAN Reference 1080p 3D, M-Vision Cine 230 and HIGHlite Cine 260, DP Home Cinema dealers know how effective delivering a personal demo to a high-profile client can be. The projectors a dealer displays in his or her showroom speak volumes about the caliber of the technology and integration the dealer delivers. When executed well, a dealer’s showroom immerses their prospects in a theatrical environment, similar to what they may be considering for their own home. Not surprisingly, effective demo theaters also provide an extremely effective closing environment.

DP wants to help our dealers attract solid prospects, and we want to make it easy for you to present those prospects with the greatest 2D and 3D capable home theater projector available today. A projector that produces imagery so compelling, it leaves most first-time viewers speechless and begging for more. Of course, we are referring to the CEDIA "Best New Product" award-winning TITAN Reference 1080p 3D.

In addition to offering our dealers an extraordinary discount of 50% off list price for demo unit investments, the 2011 Reference Showroom Dealer Program includes a first for DP. This special program places significant company marketing funds in your pocket, allowing you to tell your customer and prospect base that you now have a TITAN 3D on display!

In 2011, DP authorized Home Cinema dealers investing in a TITAN 1080p-3D Demo unit for their showrooms receive the following:
1) Dealer Demo pricing (50% off of list!)

2) DP Marketing Outreach funds, as follows:

   •    Dealers purchasing a TITAN Reference 1080p 3D for demo receive a $10,000 promotions budget, to be used by the dealer for local advertising and marketing investment, as agreed with DP.
   •    Dealers purchasing a TITAN 1080p 3D for demo receive a $5,000 promotions budget, to be used by the dealer for local advertising and marketing investments, as agreed with DP.

3) DP support and guidance in defining the marketing / advertising strategy.

4) When requested, DP will even provide assistance in creating marketing materials, promoting and staging local events

The only requirements are that participating dealers MUST retain their TITAN 3D projector as their in-house demo unit for at least 8 months, and that the marketing funds be employed by December 31, 2011. As approved marketing activities are completed, funds will be issued to participating 2011 Reference Showroom Dealers as an account credit.

With the 2011 Reference Showroom Dealer Program, dealers receive an excellent demo price, PLUS very significant marketing dollars to attract new clients, reach-out to and retain/upgrade existing clients and strengthen your company’s brand in your local market.

To learn more, please contact Michael Bridwell, marketing communications manager for DP, by clicking here.

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Meet the New TITAN Series of Projectors
More Efficiency.
More Flexibility.
Meet the New TITAN Series.

In Q4, 2010, DP launched our all-new TITAN sx+ 350. Producing an astounding 6000 lumens from a single 350 watt lamp, the ultra quiet TITAN SX+ 350 delivers exceptional lumen-per-watt-efficiency. In fact, to our knowledge, the only more efficient 3-chip platform is our 7000 lumen TITAN WUXGA 330!

We have enjoyed such rapid success with the TITAN WUXGA 330 and TITAN sx+ 350 platforms that we have decided to expand the 350 lineup to include our TITAN 1080p models.

Specifically, in Q1 of 2011, the TITAN 1080p-250 and 1080p-500 projectors will be phased out and replaced with the new TITAN 1080p-350, another highly efficient, super quiet, 6000 lumen, single-lamp powerhouse.

Worth noting – just like the dual lamp, 10,000+ lumen TITAN 700 series, the TITAN sx+ 350 and 1080p-350 projectors can be employed in either landscape or portrait orientation, and tilted lens over tail, or side over side. DP’s rugged and mechanically flexible RapidRig rigging frame is an easy-to-add option that assures simplicity in rigging TITANs in any mechanical orientation required by the application.

Look for the new TITAN 1080p-350 to be added to our published pricing during February, with shipments commencing right away. Feel free to contact your DP regional manager (click here) if you need more information in advance of that pricing release.

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2011 Brings EVEN MORE Opportunities for DP Dealers

As many of you have noticed, DP had quite a large advertising presence in 2010. At a time when some manufacturers are struggling, DP is now able to convert years of conservative, pragmatic growth into proactive market growth. This is great news for DP dealers, as we’re actively investing in education, support and service expansions through which you can grow your businesses. Advertising is another key component in this growth.

The first part of 2011 will see an even more aggressive approach than 2010, with blanket campaigns in print and web for the commercial AV, residential and simulation markets. Verticals within these markets, including Houses of Worship, 3D visualization and others will see focused ad investments as well.

Seminar sponsorships, banner ads and our customary full-page, full-color ads in key market publications are only a few of the plans we have already begun to implement.

You’ll also notice more product-specific advertising, especially on certain high-traffic sites such as I’ve included a few samples below of some of the now-active campaigns. These are only a few of the many product highlights we’re running.

The efforts and support of every DP dealer, consultant and industry partner is integral to our strategy for 2011, and we hope you can put this very visible advertising investment to good use. Don’t hesitate to let us know how else we can help you grow. Let’s make 2011 a year to remember.

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DP Headquarters Expansion Update
US Headquarters Expansion Update

Between the walls, wiring and windows all being installed within the last few weeks, the new space already looks remarkably different than the wide-open construction site we'd all grown accustomed to.

DP Headquarters Expansion Update

DP Headquarters Expansion Update

DP Headquarters Expansion Update

We're happy to report that the expansion is moving along swiftly, with the help of some industry partners that we'll be discussing in further updates.

In the meantime, visit our Facebook page to see even more photos of the expansion in progress.

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Aurant Premieres Short Films
Fan of Sundance? Aurant Holds Screening Of Utah-Based Short Films Jan. 28

Aurant, Salt Lake City-based Digital Projection dealer, will present its first annual screening of Utah-based filmmakers’ short films on Friday, Jan. 28 at 7 p.m. The screenings are free and open to the public. The event, entitled “Shine,” will be held at Aurant’s showroom at 2209 Highland Drive. RSVP for this event by either calling (801)467-5918 or clicking here to drop them a note.

DP will be providing key projectors to showcase the films, including the renowned TITAN Reference 1080p-3D projector. With over four screening rooms open throughout the evening, plus in-person appearances and insight from the filmmakers, this event is a must-attend for anyone in the Salt Lake City area interested in locally-sourced films shown on the projection industry’s finest displays.

Attendees will also be able to request projector demonstrations and interact with Digital Projection team members during the event.

Many thanks to Aurant for choosing DP’s home theater projectors for this prestigious event.

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Photos of the Month


Denver, Colorado residential and commercial AV integrator Logic Integration recently completed an impressive AV project for a residential client looking for both advanced functionality and ease of use.

Logic Integration Uses Digital Projection
Courtesy of a high-lumen Digital Projection TITAN 1080p-250 projector, 123" Stewart screen, Crestron automation and a Sharp 65" LCD tv, the home theater of this beautiful home pulls double duty as both immersive theater environment and entertainment room.

Logic Integration Uses Digital Projection
An Auton lift controlled with Crestron automation allows the projector to rest out of sight within the ceiling when not in use, then drop into place when initiated.

Per Shawn Hansson of Logic Integration, "The client can now watch projected movies, day or night, due the projector's brightness. Equally important to the client was that the room be multi-faceted, easily creating an environment for laid-back entertaining, dedicated film viewing, and everything in between. They're thrilled, and it's certainly their favorite room in the house."

Logic Integration Uses Digital Projection
Automation and lighting controls were placed throughout the home, with the client regularly remarking that he "has never had an audio-visual and lighting system that performs this well, and with such ease."

To watch a YouTube video of the theater's transformation from dedicated theater to entertainment room, visit

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Tech Tip


At first thought, the idea of utilizing two projectors to generate a 3D image seems like a very logical approach. After all, standard 60Hz projectors can be employed, on screen brightness is doubled and the application automatically benefits from redundancy for 2D applications. The dual projector 3D design, however, is very complex and creates numerous hazards in terms of installation flexibility and overall experience.

First, consider the fact that both images must be perfectly converged on screen. Experienced installers will remember the days of converging CRT projectors and how difficult that could be. Expect the same, without the benefit of electronic convergence controls in each projector (as was the case with CRT projectors of days past).

Unless the installation includes accurate and costly warp engines, the ONLY way to converge two digital projectors is to do so mechanically with the use of lens shift. While a good alignment is possible, the corners are likely to be the most difficult to align between the two projectors.

Making matters more unpredictable - even the very best projectors on the market still suffer from some image shift as their light engines warm up.

Click here to read the rest of this article.

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