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2012 Ushers in DP's 15th Anniversary Celebrations

Digital Projection's 15th Anniversary Logo

As 2012 swiftly commences, we would like to thank each of you for your support and partnership throughout 2011. Through these partnerships, as well as the steady strengthening of the economy, 2011 saw DP post the biggest year in our company history… by leaps and bounds!

Entering 2012, the year which commemorates DP's 15th year of precision display success, we could not be more committed to the success of our customers. Integrator, Consultant and End User activity continues to grow in nearly all markets, our dealer channels to these markets are more meaningful than they have ever been, and our precision display lineup is more diverse, capable and application-relevant than ever before.

With such a positive outlook for 2012, our customers are already realizing the benefits of the significant investments we made in 2011. From the major expansion of our US headquarters to over 30,000 square feet, to the strategic positions and talented associates we added in every department, we have the team, as well as the infrastructure, to deliver the best projection solutions along with the best customer services in the projection industry. And this is only the beginning.

Without a doubt, we owe sincere thanks to the multitude of customers and industry partners who have been true friends and important contributors to our growth. We plan to return the favors by bringing you the most dynamic and innovative product range in our history, along with the most comprehensive package of customer-oriented resources DP has ever offered. Here's to making 2012 a great year for all of us!

From everyone at Digital Projection, thanks for helping us grow, and welcome to 2012!

For a light-hearted video kicking off our 15th Anniversary festivities, please click here.

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Attention Dealers: Coming Soon - Home Cinema Pricing Update

Important Update: DP's Home Cinema dealers should stay tuned for the release of an updated Dealer price sheet this week. This will be a major pricing update, affecting DP's single and 3-chip product lines.

Watch your email this week for an availability update.

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DP Dealers – There's Still time to Enter the Electronic House Home of the Year Awards

Electronic House Home of the Year awards

ACT FAST -- Deadline is Feb. 3. Enter here:

DP Dealers – we already know that you specialize in the industry's best installations. Now's your chance to show your hard work to the world!

Entry benefits, including with each submission:

    •  Featured on Your installation will be featured on with a link to your site highlighting your project to over 112,000 interested consumers each month.

    •  Official Electronic House Home of the Year Award Logo: You will receive an exclusive logo to place on your website and other marketing materials.

    •  "Cool Homes Spotlight" on Your entry is automatically eligible to be included in features online.

    •  Extensive Marketing Campaign: Your work will be promoted to over 252,400 consumers, dealers, and builders monthly via our multimedia publications and tradeshows: Electronic House, CE Pro and EHX.

Additional benefits to winners and runners up include in-depth media coverage, including project coverage in Electronic House Magazine, stories and slideshows on, and usage of the Homes of Year Winner logo for personal promotional purposes.

Don't miss this opportunity to compete with your peers for a chance at nationwide company exposure, and good luck!

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CE Pro Webinar, "Selling High-Performance Video," Now Available Online

Per research gathered by EH Publishing's CE Pro: The average price of an installation in the custom market in 2007 was $29,910. Today, it sits at $13,500, a 55 percent drop over four years.

CE Pro editor Jason Knott asserts that the recession had an obvious effect, but wonders if other factors, such as the proliferation of low-cost flat panels in the industry, hurt integrators so badly that it squeezed the profitability out of the business? Regardless, George Walter, VP of home cinema for DP, says the trend can be reversed.

In a brand-new webinar entitled, "How to Sell Luxury High-Performance Video", Walter focuses on how sales technique and the art of the demo can revive the lucrative luxury video sales channel. This is a must-watch webinar for dealers that have abandoned top-down video selling in favor of less profitable good/better/best selling.

Walter, Knott and Brandon Haggard of Dallas Extreme discuss demo techniques that boost high-end video sales, highlight proven successes with the approach, and suggest numerous strategies that integrators can immediately embrace. The FREE one-hour webcast is available now via

The webinar touches on existing and emerging luxury home theater technologies such as: 2.35:1 projector solutions, curved and masking screens, 3D/LED technology, media servers, internal/external processing and many other topics. Most importantly, it reminds us all that the majority of prospective customers will invest more to own products with clearly superior performance. This underscores the absolute importance of hosting impeccable product demonstrations.

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Rave Reviews of the CES "Unforgettable Home Cinema" Demonstration

CES - Consumer Electronics Showcase Display

If you didn't make it to the show, you can watch video recaps of the demo, as well as read the reactions to the experience BY CLICKING HERE.

DP could not have chosen at better time to "go big" at CES, as the 2012 event seems to have attracted more attendees and exhibitors than any previous CES show. With the "Unforgettable Home Cinema" experience, DP was able to introduce Hollywood-grade home entertainment to a huge number of enthusiasts.

This impressive home cinema demonstration was presented jointly by DP, Kaleidescape and D-BOX Technologies. Partners that also contributed to the success of this demonstration were Stewart Filmscreen, CinemaTech, Totem Acoustics, Crestron, ADA and Middle Atlantic.

Featuring incredible video, courtesy of DP's TITAN Reference 1080p-3D projector and a 14' Stewart Cinecurve screen, the demo enlisted powerful audio, a Kaleidescape movie server and a D-BOX motion system. CEDIA also contributed to the success of the demonstration, with associates educating the attendees on the electronic systems industry.

As you can see here, attendees unanimously praised this truly unforgettable demonstration. The Unforgettable Home Cinema experience was made possible through our respected partnerships with numerous industry innovators, including:

    •  D-BOX Technologies – Chair-encoded Motion Actuator Systems that deliver 3 axes of movement in sync with the on-screen action.

    •  Kaleidescape – DVD and Blu-ray movie server, comprised of a 1U Server and M700 Disc Vault.

    •  Stewart Filmscreen – 14 foot wide StudioTek 130 Cinecurve screen.

    •  Totem Acoustics – Wind speakers accompanied by Tribe center channel, sides, rears and sub.

    •  Crestron – Control system and touch screen.

    •  Middle Atlantic –BGR equipment rack.

    •  ADA – Amplification - Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV-B Home Cinema Controller, TEQ-12 ADA Twelve-Channel Trinnov EQ/Optimizer, PTM-6150 THX Six-Channel Power Amplifier.

    •  CinemaTech – Home theatre seating featured Le Grande Incliners.

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Congratulations to the 2012 Electronic Lifestyles Designer Winners

Electronic Lifestles Award Winners 2012

To learn more about each project listed below, as well as see associated photography, visit

Congratulations to the many DP dealers recognized in the 19th Annual Electronic Lifestyles Designer Awards! The following integrators have award-winning project features in this year's issue:

Admit One, Inc. - TITAN Reference 1080p - Silver Technical Design, Home Theater, $323.5K-$424K

Audio Images - HIGHlite Cine 260 - Bronze Technical Design, Home Theater, $451.5K-$681.5K

Audio Video Interiors - TITAN Reference 1080p - Bronze Technical Design, Home Theater, $750k-$1.3M

Audio Video Interiors - iVision 30-1080p-XL - Gold Technical Design, Home Theater, $111K-$130.5K

AudioVisions - dVision 30-1080p - Bronze Technical Design, Home Theater, $189K-$241.5K

DSI Entertainment Systems, Inc. - TITAN 1080p-500 - Gold Technical Design, Home Theater, $750k-$1.3M

Fab Audio Visual - TITAN Reference 1080p - Best Home Cinema, Over £100,000 (110,000 Euros)

H2 Systems Inc. - M-Vision Cine LED - Silver Technical Design, Home Theater, $111K-$130.5K

Station Earth - HIGHlite Cine 260 - Silver Technical Design, Home Theater, $189K-$241.5K

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Photos of the Month

Audio Advice, North Carolina

Audio Advice Uses Digital Projection
Founded by Leon Shaw in 1978, Audio Advice is the premier home entertainment provider and systems integrator in North Carolina. An Audio Advice client recently requested a professional theater that delivers unmatched video and audio quality when watching sporting events and Hollywood features. Audio Advice enlisted some of the most well-respected home cinema components available to create this high-performance theater, which measured approximately 24' x 15' upon completion.

Audio Advice Uses Digital Projection
Digital Projection's TITAN 1080p projector acts as the basis for the theater, bringing an inspiring level of brightness and image contrast to any content played in the theater. A 138" Stewart Cinecurve screen serves as the perfect complement to the gorgeous visual experience.

Content from a Kaleidescape movie server, DirecTV and Apple TV are fed to the display. A custom Audio Advice Crestron Signature control system manages control of all the components throughout the theater.

Audio is delivered by a JBL Synthesis speaker and EQ 7.2 system. A Lexicon video processor and JBL power amps are installed for all speakers.

Audio Advice Uses Digital Projection
Regarding the reasons for selecting a Digital Projection display for the theater, Phil Melton of Audio Advice felt the "quality of the image, build quality of the projector and reliability" were all deciding factors. "Both the factory and rep support are outstanding," shared Melton. "Their projectors just work. You can install one and essentially just forget about it." 

Audio Advice Uses Digital Projection
Both the client and the Audio Advice team are incredibly pleased with the new theater. Melton commented, "Most people make a point to remark that it's the best theater experience they've ever had."

Many thanks to Audio Advice for choosing Hollywood's Home Cinema projectors!

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Tech Tip

Basic Guidelines for Front Projection in a Media Room or High Ambient Light Application

Projection solutions add functionality to nearly any venue, by offering image sizes that are much larger than can be achieved with a flat panel display. For projectors to be an effective, high contrast solution in media rooms, presentation rooms and other mid to high ambient light venues, striking a perfect balance between projector lumens and screen performance is vital. In simple terms, employing front or rear projection screens that preserve image black level is a critical factor for projection success in ambient light environments. Black level (or contrast enhancing) screen materials are available from a number of leading screen manufacturers.

Although the technology employed varies, the goal is always the same – to produce an on-screen black level that is actually lower than the ambient light level in the viewing room. DP has evaluated two screen materials, one for front projection, the other for rear projection, which, when illuminated with appropriate projector lumens, deliver uncanny imaging performance in mid to high ambient light venues.

For front projection, DP has performed testing with the DNP Supernova front projection screen (.8 gain) and has defined the following rule of thumb: 2000 lumens of projector light output produces great looking images on 16 square feet of Supernova screen material in typical media room / presentation room ambient lighting. More specifically, 2000 lumens on 16 square feet of screen material equates to 125 Foot Candles, before screen gain is taken into account.

    Put another way, for typical ambient light environments:

    •   A 2500 lumen projector (M-Vision, dVision, HIGHlite Cine HC class projectors) will produce great imagery on a 6' x 3.375' Supernova screen.

    •   A 4500 lumen projector (dVision, HIGHlite class, TITAN single lamp class projectors) will produce great imagery on a 8' x 4.5' Supernova screen.

    •   A 7000 lumen projector (E-Vision, HIGHlite 660, TITAN class projectors) will produce great imagery on a 10' x 5.625' Supernova screen.

    •   A 10,000 lumen projector (TITAN Dual class) will produce great imagery on a 12' x 6.75' Supernova screen.

    •   A 16,000 lumen projector (TITAN Quad class) will produce great imagery on a 14' x 8.875' Supernova screen.

Although the above is just a rule of thumb based on our in-house testing, we believe it provides a very good guideline for front projection, using Supernova screen material, in a typical media room environment. In this case, "typical" is defined as a room with multiple sources of indirect artificial lighting, but no direct sunlight pouring into the room.

For Media Rooms or presentation environments that can accommodate rear projection, we have seen absolutely stunning results achieved with StarGlas 60 and StarGlas 100 by Stewart Filmscreen. Indeed, when illuminated by adequate projector lumens, a 10' wide sheet of StarGlas can look like the brightest and biggest plasma you have ever seen – with amazingly deep black levels - even in a very brightly lit room. The dark and very robust StarGlas screen surface can be used in nearly any environment, both indoors and out, and provides so much black level enhancement the projected image seems nearly impervious to significant levels of ambient light. We suggest applying high lumen per square foot calculations, similar to the rules described above, to achieve bright and vibrant imagery with exceptionally rich color saturation and magnificent contrast.

In a media room, presentation room, or other mid to high ambient light venue, projection adds value by enabling image sizes far beyond what any flat panel can provide. When paired with a Supernova screen for front projection, or a StarGlas screen for rear projection, DP's product line can accommodate large to massive image sizes capable of excelling in typical ambient lighting. Without a doubt, contrast-enhancing screen materials from other manufacturers will also provide great performance. To reiterate, "typical" ambient lighting is defined as multiple sources of indirect artificial lighting, but no direct sunlight pouring into the room.

For additional application information and ideas, feel free to contact DP's Applications Support Team at either 770-420-1350 or

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