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Digital Projection Launches New TITAN Projectors
Complete Lineup of Ultra-quiet, Single-lamp TITAN 330 Displays Set to Launch in March

Thanks to our customers, DP has enjoyed tremendous success with our mighty TITAN displays. With nearly two dozen 2D and 3D models available, there is a perfect TITAN projector for every application.

That being said, there is always room for improvement, and we have been listening carefully to some very good feedback from our customers. One key point we heard related to the noise level of our single lamp units. In short, while all TITAN’s are exceptionally quiet for their lumen performance, it seems silence is truly golden. Thus, designing an even quieter TITAN was in order.

During 2010, DP’s engineers worked for many months to innovate an even more efficient approach to TITAN cooling and noise level management. That solution was revealed in the TITAN WUXGA 330 and TITAN WUXGA 3D platforms. Both are highly efficient, single lamp displays that operate at very low noise levels; less than 45 dBA, in fact, depending on ambient conditions.

In light of this major breakthrough, we are pleased to announce that during the month of March, all TITAN single-lamp 2D and 3D models will transition to the new, ultra-quiet and super-efficient 330 platform. Specifically, the 330 lineup will be offered in SXGA+, 1080p and WUXGA native resolutions, with 2D and 3D models designed to support either portrait or landscape oriented applications.

DP dealers who already depend on the performance and flexibility of our TITAN displays now have another great reason to embrace the products. DP dealers who have yet to experience the TITAN couldn’t pick a better time to become acquainted with the most awarded series in the DP product line. Contact your regional manager or manufacturer’s Rep today to schedule a demo.

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Digital Projection Is Expanding
DP is Growing - Welcome our Newest Team Member

In addition to the numerous new team members and the news of our significant US headquarters expansion, we’re pleased to introduce a new team member just beginning to make her mark.

With over 11 years of corporate customer service experience, Lynne Foley has joined DP as service administrator. As an assistant to Kristina Odom, service coordinator for DP, Lynne serves as an additional customer resource, linking DP’s service group with our growing customer base regarding service-related questions.

As DP’s dealers are of utmost importance to our successive years of steady growth, further investment in enhancing customer services and expediting dealer requests was defined as a top priority for our company in 2011. We are thrilled to have Lynne on board, and we know that our dealers will thoroughly appreciate her attention to detail, timeliness and her positive outlook.

Kristina Odom commented, “Lynne is a valuable addition to Digital Projection. She cares deeply about the customer’s best interests, and has excellent customer service skills. We’re relieved to have found such a suitable team member for the new position, and DP’s dealers will soon experience the benefits of having her on board.”

Please help us welcome Lynne to the team. Lynne can be reached at either or by calling the main corporate number at 770-420-1350.

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New DP Pricing to be Released in March

We have some important near-term product announcements to make, so we are working on new Commercial AV and Home Cinema pricing. We expect to release the new pricing in mid March. DP Dealers – please watch your email for the announcement that updated pricing has been posted to the dealer portal of our web site.

If you are not yet authorized for access to the Dealer Portal, please visit and fill out the appropriate information. Once your registration is reviewed and authorized, you will receive a confirmation via email.

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Digital Projection Sponsors CEDIA Management Conference
DP Takes Key Sponsorship Role at CEDIA Management Conference 2011

The custom electronics industry has taken it's share of hard knocks over the last few years, to be sure. With budgets tightening industry-wide, dealers are aggressively seeking new ways to expand their abilities and refine their business processes. Many dealers rely on CEDIA for growth, training and business insight, making CEDIA's education efforts more imporant than ever.

With this in mind, DP has taken a key sponsorship role at the upcoming CEDIA Management Conference, held in San Diego, California, from March 9 - 12, 2011. The theme of this year's conference focuses on "Solutions for a Changing Industry," where attendees will spend four days networking with industry peers, discussing new business strategies, and discovering new ways to increase operational efficiency.

Additionally, George Walter, VP of Home Cinema for Digital Projection, will deliver a presentation around the theme, "3D Enters Year Two -- Opportunity or Hassle?" Well regarded as a respected source for all things 3D, Walter's presentation promises to reveal current dealer successes with 3D, as well as the potential hazards of certain 3D installations. Walter will also brief the audience on what 3D peripherals, content and displays will be coming to market in the near future. This class will be held from 3:00 - 4:30 on Wednesday, March 9.

To attend the CEDIA Management Conference, click here for more information. We hope to see you there!

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2011 Reference Showroom Dealer Program Details
What Could Your Company Do with $10,000?

DP wants to help our dealers attract solid prospects, and we want to make it easy for you to present those prospects with the greatest 2D and 3D capable home theater projector available today. A projector that produces imagery so compelling, it leaves most first-time viewers speechless and begging for more. Of course, we are referring to the CEDIA "Best New Product" award-winning TITAN Reference 1080p 3D.

In addition to offering our dealers an extraordinary discount of 50% off list price for demo unit investments, the 2011 Reference Showroom Dealer Program includes a first for DP. This special program places significant company marketing funds in your pocket, allowing you to tell your customer and prospect base that you now have a TITAN 3D on display!

In 2011, DP authorized Home Cinema dealers investing in a TITAN 1080p-3D Demo unit for their showrooms receive the following:
1) Dealer Demo pricing (50% off of list!)

2) DP Marketing Outreach funds, as follows:

   •    Dealers purchasing a TITAN Reference 1080p 3D for demo receive a $10,000 promotions budget, to be used by the dealer for local advertising and marketing investment, as agreed with DP.
   •    Dealers purchasing a TITAN 1080p 3D for demo receive a $5,000 promotions budget, to be used by the dealer for local advertising and marketing investments, as agreed with DP.

3) DP support and guidance in defining the marketing / advertising strategy.

4) When requested, DP will even provide assistance in creating marketing materials, promoting and staging local events

The only requirements are that participating dealers MUST retain their TITAN 3D projector as their in-house demo unit for at least 8 months, and that the marketing funds be employed by December 31, 2011. As approved marketing activities are completed, funds will be issued to participating 2011 Reference Showroom Dealers as an account credit.

With the 2011 Reference Showroom Dealer Program, dealers receive an excellent demo price, PLUS very significant marketing dollars to attract new clients, reach-out to and retain/upgrade existing clients and strengthen your company’s brand in your local market.

To learn more, please contact Michael Bridwell, marketing communications manager for DP, by clicking here.

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Looking for Exciting Press Exposure? Let DP Help.

Our manufacturer/dealer partnership is the key to what makes us both successful. We invest great effort in creating exceptional projector solutions, and we take great joy when we get to see our precision displays in action.

With that in mind, we’d like to remind our dealers that DP’s marketing department gladly dedicates time each week to writing application stories, pitching press releases and publicizing our dealers’ installations.

How can you and your company benefit? Simply send a brief overview of any recent DP-related installs to Michael Bridwell, marketing communications manager at We’ve helped the installs of at least three DP dealers receive national exposure already this year, and are hoping to help many more. And remember -- access to high-quality photography always reinforces our ability to get your application story placed.

You’ve already chosen the world’s greatest brands. Let’s show the world, and a new crop of potential clients, the pride and craftsmanship that defines DP’s dealers.

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Register Today for Sapphire Marketing’s NYC Roadshow April 5 - 6

Sapphire Marketing, DP’s Commercial AV and Home Cinema Rep in the Northeast, will be holding its 2nd Annual NYC Roadshow in March. Save the dates of April 5 - 6 to see the latest in technology from both Commercial and Residential Manufacturers such as Amina, Brightline, C-nario, CSI/Braehler, Crestron, Digital Projection, DNP, rp Visuals, Salitek, Vista Systems, Primeview, TK-Living, Trak-kit, Solar Shading Systems/VisionArt, and more!

In addition to the tradeshow floor, training classes will also be offered.

Roadshow location:
Midtown Loft and Terrace
267 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10016
Phone: 888-435-4979

To RSVP for the Roadshow, and to see a schedule of show hours and training classes, please contact Lainie Mataras at (201) 476-1071 or

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DP's Trade Show Booth Construction
Curious How We Build Our Walls of Color and Light at Trade Show Exhibits?

Anyone that’s recently attended an InfoComm or CEDIA show has surely seen Digital Projection’s massive booth, draped dramatically in black curtains to limit ambient light from infiltrating the imagery within. What you may not realize is how many people, and how much hardware, truss, drape, scaffolding and DP engineers / technicians / artists, it takes to build our dynamic trade-show exhibits.

David Kile, West Coast applications engineer with DP, captured the video in the link below during breaks while our InfoComm 2010 booth was being set up. We think it’s an interesting insider’s view at the many steps involved in setting up our huge exhibits.

View the video here:

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When the Dust Settles – Unexpected Benefits Arise from the Headquarters Expansion

Personal insight from Veronica Vital-Herne, General Ledger Manager, DPI

Since returning to work from the Thanksgiving Holidays, the US headquarters of Digital Projection have literally been turned upside down. A major construction project that will double the square footage of the Kennesaw home office has resulted in the tearing down of walls and the rearranging of many Digital Projection work spaces. One would naturally expect total chaos during such a transition. Remarkably, the process has been both relatively easy and quite enlightening.

Our expansion involves breaking through the demising wall between our present office space and the massive space next door. Because of this demolition, each employee with an office on or near that demising wall was relocated to temporary work spaces, scattered throughout the balance of our current facility. Many members of our team were relocated to cubicles assembled in DP’s demo room, just prior to the holidays.

Now, cubicles certainly aren’t rare in a corporate environment. What made the setup interesting, however, is that members from very different departments have been co-located in the same room with only a couple of feet between each work station. Suffice to say, everyone was curious to see what would come of this experiment that mixed accounting/finance department members with members of the service and support departments.

Click here to read the rest of this article.

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Aurant's "Shine" Film Festival Open House

DP and DP manufacturer's rep Scowcroft & Associates recently supported Aurant, Salt Lake City-based DP dealer, in their first annual screening of Utah-based filmmakers’ short films. Timed to coincide with the Sundance Film Festival, the event, entitled “Shine,” was held at Aurant’s showroom at in Salt Lake City.

Aurant's 3D Film Event
Four different DP projectors were featured throughout the event, ranging from the single-chip M-Vision Cine 260 to the TITAN Reference 1080p-3D, the industry standard for immersive 3D.

Aurant's 3D Film Event

Attendees experienced six short films in three separate dedicated theaters. Additionally, the TITAN Reference 1080p-3D, paired with DP's Dimension 3D server, entertained attendees in it's own theater with 3D film clips as well as 3D gaming demonstrations.

Special thanks to Aurant for allowing Digital Projection to participate in such a great event.

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Photos of the Month

Demo Theater
Innovative Home Media (IHM)

Innovative Home Media, member of DP's elite 2011 Reference Showroom Dealer group, recently completed a fully 3D-capable high-end demo theater in Baton Rouge, LA.

Innovative Home Media Uses Digital Projection
No ordinary theater by any stretch of the imagination, IHM's demo theater came to fruition while Prather Warren, owner of IHM, was visiting the 2009 CEDIA Expo in Atlanta, Georgia. Knowing that he needed an impressive demo theater to take his business to another level, Warren agreed to purchase most of Triad’s CinemaPlus demo theater as a package once the Expo wrapped. Armed with an 18-wheeler and the assistance of a dozen people working for two days, the demo theater was dismantled piece by piece, loaded into the truck, driven to Louisiana, and reassembled in a brand-new separate wing of Prather's home.

Innovative Home Media Uses Digital Projection
Incorporating PMI’s 2.0 video projection solution, a Stewart Filmscreen’s Director’s Choice 2.0 160” wide 4-way masking screen was coupled with Digital Projection’s TITAN 1080p Dual 3D projector.

Innovative Home Media Uses Digital Projection
The final audio system consists of CinemaPlus versions of Triad’s Platinum LCR Baffle Walls, six Gold surrounds, and twelve 12”, 500-watt Silver DSP subs. The Parasound Halo amplifiers deliver over 12,000 watts, capable of attaining peaks that exceeded 113 dB. However, sound levels outside the room are literally inaudible.

Innovative Home Media Uses Digital Projection
According to Warren, “This really demonstrates how important it is to professionally design a room. When combining science and great equipment, it’s possible to create terrific custom theaters in a wide range of budgets and needs, and not just at the upper end.” Click here to read the full story behind this incredible demo theater.

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Tech Tip

Resolution and Aspect Ratio Review

Digital Projection International offers the broadest DLP-based product line of any manufacturer in the world today. Our philosophy of providing precision display for every venue is illustrated below in this streamlined guide to key resolutions and aspects ratios:

Resolution Overview
1280 x 720 (720p - 16 x 9 or 1.78:1): Great for High Definition Video applications. Particularly well suited for distance viewing such as in Houses of Worship or auditoriums. Projector Series: iVision, TITAN

1280 X 800 (WXGA – 16 x 10 or 1.6:1): Great for multiple computer users, plus well suited for distance viewing such as Houses of Worship or auditoriums. Projector Series: E-Vision

Click here to read the rest of this article.

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