5 Things you may not know about LED displays


Today’s contemporary business environments require new and innovative ways to uniquely present your brand and engage your audience.  If you are searching for a new display technology to take your space to the next level, the first question is often – “What device do I choose?”.  One possibility that is rapidly becoming the most popular choice is a direct-view LED display, and Radiance LED from Digital Projection is one of the best on the market.  If you have ever considered an LED display, here are a few things you may not have known…


1) The technology is totally seamless, and you can create any size or shape!

Why are LED wall displays being used in some of the most flagship environments around the world? Nothing is more visually striking than a large, bright display that is totally seamless.  This isn’t a wall of TV’s with a bold grid of black lines running through the image like you may have seen in a sports bar; Radiance LED panels are precisely manufactured and installed edge-to-edge – making for an incredibly smooth, continuous image.  Furthermore, Radiance LED enables complete customization of the size and shape of your display, so you can get the perfect fit for your space and your content.


2) Direct-view LED produces more color than any other display technology! 

Radiance LED displays can produce an astounding 93% of the colors that the human eye can see. That’s several times more than a typical flat panel LCD display you might find in your home or office.  When color accuracy and branding are paramount to your organization or environment, Radiance LED delivers undeniable results.  The astounding black level and dynamic range of the displays compliment the rich color performance for an incredible all-around viewing experience.


3) LED displays are ultra-slim in installation and offer great visibility

LED displays are known for their striking appearance, borderless design, and dynamic visual impact. The fact is, they look great from anywhere in the room.  Plus, Radiance LED displays require only 4 inches in total depth when installed.  They can easily be flush mounted and recessed within a finished wall or mounted on-wall with minimal space.  A broad viewing angle of 160° and a sleek non-reflective finish assures your content will be noticed without degradation of quality or glare from other light sources.


4) LED displays have a long life and ease of maintenance

LED displays are long-lasting by nature and rarely need maintenance. Radiance LED’s are rated for 100,000+ hours of performance at peak brightness.  That’s over 10 years of service when operated on a 24/7 schedule!  They can even be configured with redundant power and signal connectivity for mission-critical uptime performance.  Should the LED display ever need maintenance or service, Radiance LED makes this even easier by providing 100% front accessibility to all serviceable parts.  Every single pixel on the wall is covered by Digital Projection’s product warranty.


5) LED displays offer peace of mind and exceptional experiences

Perhaps the best advantage for having an LED display is peace of mind. Once installed, they provide an engaging and reliable viewing experience for a wide variety of applications. To ensure total success of a Radiance LED deployment, Digital Projection offers comprehensive engineering design support, project consultation, and on-site installation services for our partners, ensuring a truly ‘seamless process’.


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