Beauty Care Giant Henkel Turns Heads With State-of-the-Art Displays in Academy of Hair

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Seven Brands Under One Roof

Henkel Beauty Care Hair Professional North America’s Academy of Hair is a state-of-the-art, multi-branded learning and media production center.  With a balcony view of the Pacific Ocean, this space delivers three distinct experiences with ease and finesse:

  • As a learning/education center for stylists, the space accommodates Henkel’s professional beauty brands and their hairstylists for multi-day, hands-on training sessions and photo shoots.
  • As a venue for product launches and demonstrations, the room transforms into a vibrant space for hosting customers, salon owners and media.
  • As a meeting space for a town hall or intimate gatherings, the room shows its calmer side with seating that can accommodate a small venue to up to 175 people.

Accommodating three diverse use cases can be challenging – especially when dealing with seven different brands under one roof.  The Henkel team had two major requirements that shaped the meeting space and its AV infrastructure: First, to minimize setup time with permanent equipment to serve each function; and second, to optimize technology for instant room reconfiguration and re-branding.  Both objectives were achieved through the integration of lighting control, the content delivery platform, and the AV system.

Retainment for Entertainment

Henkel first retained Cibola Systems as AV consultant for the company’s west coast relocation – a project that included a large number of meeting and production spaces.  Henkel divided the project into three phases over a two-year period. This gave the Academy’s architects and consultants extra time to understand the meeting room’s goals, propose alternatives and test critical technologies before construction began.  Associate brand manager James Jordan was involved in every phase of the project.  As a stylist and brand expert himself, Jordan was able to describe how the Academy would perform for each of Henkel’s seven brands.

He and director of integration management Greta Rose attended weekly design meetings to share insights and guidance.  While the meeting space took shape, Cibola also worked with Henkel’s technology group to ensure the proposed systems were compliant with corporate IT, AV and security standards.  The Henkel team asked Cibola to stay on board as their systems integrator when the design phase ended and construction began.

The Academy of Hair Experience

The Academy of Hair experience begins as guests step off the elevator, where three LED ticker displays welcome them with personalized messages.  A trio of LCD screens also show content related to the upcoming meeting or training session.  After checking in, guests move through a smaller space that amplifies the Academy’s volume—and its view of the ocean.

As you enter, you see a low stage area and 16-foot-wide direct view LED screen to the right.  To the left is a high-resolution LED ticker above shampoo bowls and product displays.  Both LED displays receive pre-programmed signals from the content management system when they’re not being used for presentations.  A pair of line array loudspeakers and two sub-woofers reproduce streaming audio and output from the DJ station.  Ceiling speakers are used for voice amplification, and also provide supplemental sound reinforcement at the rear of the room.  Two presenter-tracking cameras, one above the stage and one on the side wall, allow participants to view stylists’ work in fine detail on the large LED screen. Inputs throughout the space also support portable cameras.

For internal meetings and classes, participants and presenters use a pair of very simple touch screen control panels.  When multi-day courses and branded events need technical assistance, a control station at the rear of the room provides access to all AV equipment functions.  The full-function wired control unit also incorporates lighting and shade control in a single user interface.

A Mecca for Stylists

From initial design to the grand opening event, the development of Academy of Hair took about 12 months.  During the grand opening Stefan L. Mund, head of beauty care hair professional in North America, shared his vision for the Academy of Hair.  “We are proud to open the Academy of Hair, a one-of-a-kind multi-branded and fully digital space that embodies Henkel’s commitment to innovation, offering a state-of-the-art space for stylists,” said Mund.

Image Courtesy of Cibola Systems

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