3D Projector Mapping in Singapore

4 Titan Digital Projectors for 3D Architectural Mapping


Project: Singapore Urban Redevelopment Board’s City Gallery

First opened on 27 January 1999, Singapore City Gallery is the only gallery in Singapore that tells the story of the nation’s planning efforts, showing its remarkable physical transformation – past, present and future.

The Singapore City Gallery houses one of the world’s largest architectural models that shows a birds eye view of Singapore’s Central Area (Central Business District). Every hour, the large centerpiece model is illuminated with an impressive light and sound show.

singapore-projection-mapping2Projector Requirements

To allow this projector mapping in a well lit environment, the projectors had to have a:

  • High brightness output
  • The ability to be mounted in the ceiling
  • Advanced warp and blend functionality to accurately map onto the intricate models of Singapore’s Central Area.
  • Calibrated Colour & P7 Colour Matching to ensure consistency.

Local sales and support was also essential in this high-profile installation, and this was provided by Digital Projection’s Asia office.

Why Digital Projection were chosen

Digital Projection has a long history of providing Digital Projectors for some of the most high-profile events in the world.

The Titan range was chosen for this installation as it is a proven projector with the versatility for a wide range of installations.


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