Immersive Applications with M-Vision Projectors

Malaysia_PavilionProject: Malaysia Pavilion 

Malaysia’s Biodiversity Haven: “A gift from Nature” was the main theme of the Malaysia Pavilion at EXPO 2012, the sub-theme being “A Sea Of Life, A Harmony Of Living.”

Projection technology played a major part in the attraction, the center of this being the “Aquarium.”


This was a 360° projection onto a 7m dome providing an underwater experience from the point of view of the seabed itself. Real marine life-like barracudas, turtles and manta rays have been filmed and appear swimming above the visitors.

Projector Requirements

The requirement of the projectors was to deliver the stunning lifelike imagery on the complete 7 metre, 6 channel dome.

Why Digital Projection were chosen 

The proven reliability and extensive feature list of Digital Projection’s M-Vision range meant that domeprojection were confident in the use of the range for such a critical application.

This reliability, coupled with the small chassis of the M-Vision meant that they could be installed with ease and not detract from the main attraction - the stunning 360° projection.

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