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Showroom - LAVA Systems, Lexington, KY

LAVA Systems of Lexington, Kentucky, uses a bold AV-driven exterior to entice downtown Lexington passersby into their company showroom. As their headquarters are based in a bustling, urban area with steady foot traffic, LAVA decided to enlist digital signage to stand out from the other shops. The two large digital signs also lend a hand in defining what interested shoppers will find inside, as they show a mix of film and tv entertainment, as well as company branding that highlights LAVA’s list of specialties.

LAVA Systems

Four of DP’s E-Vision WXGA 600 high-brightness projectors work in conjunction with two panes of 60” x 94” Stewart StarGlas to deliver incredibly bright and saturated imagery. Two projectors are blended to make each image, and imagery is fed to the displays via a TVOne C2-6104A Multiviewer. The Multiviewer can display up to four sources at once, and allows any source to be placed in any location at any size or resolution.

Then four TVOne C2-2450A Edge Blenders combine the images produced from the four projectors into one complete image that spans both panes of StarGlas. Sources include 2 DirecTV receivers, an Integra DBS-50.2 Blu-ray player, XBOX, a custom dedicated PC for high resolution content, and an AMX IS-SPX-100 Digital Signage Player.

The E-Vision projectors and other digital signage components are controlled with the same AMX system that controls a single-chip DP M-Vision Cine projector and other AV components inside the showroom.

Congratulations to LAVA Systems for truly putting some ingenuity into their showroom, and thank you for choosing DP’s precision displays!

Projector Used

• E-Vision WXGA 600

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