Radiance LED Adds ‘Wow’ Factor for Eco-Friendly Design Leaders

‘LEED’ers In Eco-Friendly Design

In the modern world, the demand for environmentally conscious architecture and construction continues to rise. For companies looking to expand, one of the biggest challenges is engineering these green initiatives into designs that meet their needs. Fortunately, Haskell excels at creating resource-efficient structures that yield superior economic and environmental benefits. Comprised of a team of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited professionals, Haskell is uniquely suited for this task.

Requiring a system to provide effective corporate communications and presentations, Haskell’s Atlanta office needed a world-class display solution for their 1300+ ft² training, client demo, and meeting space. After evaluating the available options, they chose a Radiance LED video wall from Digital Projection.

The multipurpose room is critically important for engaging with Haskell’s clients and partners, as well as hosting both large and small sized meetings. As such, they needed a versatile solution that would excel in displaying a multitude of materials in a variety of different situations. The team at Unified Technology Systems, a Solutionz Company was able to design a space for Haskell that not only accomplished their goals, but optimized their presentations, centered around an impressive 137” Radiance 1.5mm pixel-pitch LED wall.

Integrating a Multipurpose ‘Wow’ Factor

Solutions Specialist Bryan Patten at Unified Technology Systems, a Solutionz Company had this to say about the integration process, “When Haskell approached us with this project, we really tried to understand their needs, wants, and dreams for the space. We then designed a unique, architecturally integrated solution with the ‘wow’ factor that the Radiance LED wall provides. This room provides a captivating experience that pulls you in and leverages its technology to make participation fun and educational. For Haskell, we chose Digital Projection because of their proven product performance and reputation for white glove service and support. Their installation and commissioning of the LED display was handled with precision and efficiency.”

The impact of the Radiance LED wall in this 1300+ ft² space is obvious. According to Haskell, the response has been universally positive. Where the previous display often left users struggling to read displayed text, the new fine-pitch Radiance LED wall is the perfect size and brightness for the space and is utilized for everything from displaying detailed spreadsheets, to videoconferences, to dynamic 3D visualization presentations.

Learn more about Haskell’s top-level engineering and design capabilities at www.haskell.com
See more of Unified Technology Systems, a Solutionz Company and their innovative visual solutions at www.gounified.tech

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