Heritage: Experience, Technology Innovation, and Customer Care


A blast from our past

Experience, Technology Innovation, and Customer Care

20 years ago, Digital Projection Inc. started gaining real traction in the United States. On the heels of wining our 2 Emmy Awards, the team got together for a photo to commemorate this defining moment, to time stamp where we were and where we were going.


We are often asked what makes Digital Projection different from our competitors. While experience, technology innovation, and customer care are all important bullet points on that list; it is truly our people that make Digital Projection the whole package.


The DP team is comprised of only experienced professionals in the visual display field – no call centers, no scripted discovery questions – just real, knowledgeable people. We strive to lead the industry with innovative display solutions and services, while solving genuine challenges that our partners and customers meet on a day to day basis.


Through our Application Support, Tech Support, as well as our Concierge Service programs, we are proud to be the only display manufacturer that provides this level of backing for our clients. The DP difference is clear, and we plan on providing all of this and more for many years to come.