On November 14-20, 2022, Digital Projection participated at LDI. LDI is a show that caters to Live Event Designers. In the past, Digital Projection has been a critical supplier to rental and staging companies. These days, Digital Projection is being used more often in Performing Arts venues as well as other “visitor attraction” venues such as amusement parks and museums.

Digital Projection partnered with an industry leader, AV Franklin. AV Franklin provides a variety of live event and staging products, including set elements, stage lightning, and of course great quality screens.

Digital Projection used AV Franklin’s booth at the show to display 2 incredibly popular projectors. On one screen we displayed one of our most dependable high-brightness 1-chip projectors, the M-Vision 21000. Illuminated by both red and blue lasers, this color accurate 20,000 lumen projector is an affordable workhorse! It is popular in large auditoriums, sanctuaries, and many other venues where large bright screens are a necessity.

We also displayed our revolutionary new Satellite Modular Laser System. It is a modular projection system that provides for a small projection head that is separated from modular light sources via a fiber optic cable. Our proprietary cable system allows the whisper quiet head to be installed up to 100 meters away from its light source. The entire system operates on 110V and can be as bright as 40,000 lumens.

LDI enjoyed great crowds in Las Vegas and the buzz around our new Satellite projector series was one of the main talking points at the show.

Our display products need to be seen to be fully appreciated, and that was accomplished at LDI.

The Direct View April 2023

New DP Configurator Tool Makes Radiance LED Video Walls Easy to Design and Install


There’s an art and science that goes into the design and installation of LED video walls—neither of which is particularly easy. DP has simplified the process significantly with the introduction of a new online LED Configuration Tool. By inputting a few specs—display height, width, pixel pitch, and viewing distance–you get a complete video wall design customized to the specific application. You’ll know the type, size, and number of Radiance LED panels to buy to achieve the desired imaging experience.

Other details such as the mounting preference, type of venue, number of AV sources, and any on-site services needed can further tailor the final output. Finally, to help your customers visualize the final installation—key to closing more sales—just upload an image of the space in which the video wall will be installed and sample content that will be displayed to generate an accurate rendering of the finished space.

Check out the LED Configurator here.

As always, DP’s customer service and concierge support are available to answer questions and guide you through the design and installation process.

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The Latest Developments at DP

New DP Sales Team Brings Dealers Better Service and Support

Ready to help dealers reach more customers and sell more projectors and LED displays are Alan Davies, TOLA (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas) region; Andy Towers, Pacific Coast region; Brain Schumacker, Mid-West region; and Damon Alford, Southeast region.

“The knowledge these four professionals share and their dedication to the success of our dealers is critical to strengthening DP’s presence as a leader in the custom AV business,” says Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Sales Director Jeff Schneider.

Welcome aboard!

Case Study

Higher Education

New Satellite MLS Projectors Elevate Educational Pursuits at Virginia Tech

Universities across the nation are advancing their AV systems to keep pace with modern teaching practices. At Virginia Tech, DP’s new Satellite MLS projectors are part of the progressive curriculum. Installed in the university’s “Cube,” a highly regarded center for exploratory research and learning, the modular design of the projectors enables exceptional freedom in how lessons are presented. More compact and lighter than traditional projectors, each Satellite MLS can be moved and repositioned to best suit the particular course of study; for example, transitioning the Cube from a venue where art students can explore new digital mediums to that of a scientific laboratory that incorporates virtual reality.

Summer is prime time for campuses to update their classroom AV systems. Get your foot in the door now with a DP projector or LED display offering!

Read more about Satellite MLS at the Cube here.

Direct-View LED
A market update

Corporate signage contributes the lion’s share of LED display shipments (square meters) in the North American indoor LED market, followed by public spaces, control rooms, hospitality/healthcare, retail and transportation. Recorded shipments in 2022 compared to 2023 forecasts show no sign of decline in any category, with control rooms moving from third to second position.

Here’s how the markets stack up:

2022 Indoor LED Display Square Meters
Corporate signage — 293,271
Public spaces: 69,557
Control rooms: 68,631
Hospitality/healthcare: 55,589
Retail: 42,195
Transportation: 9,046

Forecasted 2023 Indoor LED Display Square Meters
Corporate signage — 392,723
Control rooms: 98,618
Public spaces: 92,775
Hospitality/healthcare: 76,776
Retail: 56,240
Transportation: 12,404

–Source: Omdia LED Displays Market Tracker Premium Pivot History Forecast 3Q22

CEDIA – Smart Home Awards
Share Your Smart Home Projects & Win!

You do amazing work. Why keep it a secret? Show off your skills by submitting your best installation to CEDIA Smart Home awards contest. Need help? Our new marketing team at KMB Communications can help you write a winning entry that’s sure to WOW the judging panel. Don’t delay; the deadline is 5/19/23. Visit and reach out to for pricing.

Connect With DP
Where to See us in 2023

Let’s connect! We want to hear about your business, your projection and display needs, and how we can serve you better. So, if you plan on attending any of the following events, be sure to pay us a visit:

InfoComm 2023
June 14-16, Orlando
Booth #3029

CEDIA Expo 2023
September 7-9, Denver
Booth #2544

BP Marketing Road Shows
April 18, Commerce Township, MI
• Register here
April 19, Grand Rapids, MI
• Register here

The Watershed Group Show
May 10-11, Toronto, Canada
• Contact Hailey Boyd to register

CEDIA Tech Summits
April 27, Chicago
May 23, Orange County
May 25, Los Angeles
June 7, Salt Lake City
October 10, Fort Lauderdale
October 12, Orlando
November 14, New Jersey
November 16, New York
December 5, Austin
• Click here for info

Join Digital Projection at CEDIA 2022!

September 29 – October 1, 2022

Kay Bailey Hutchison CC – Halls C-F – Level 2

Dallas, TX

Booth 21069


Stay tuned for more information about some great products that we will be exhibiting! See you there!

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MultiView is set to have a huge impact on the future of VR without Head Mounted Displays.

Our INSIGHT HFR 360 MultiView projector was first shown at ISE to much acclaim and is set to have a huge impact on the future of VR without Head Mounted Displays.

With Multi-View 3D projection, a single projector, with ultra-fast frame rates will accommodate several viewers, each being tracked and each having a view of the image that remains appropriate to their changing position. This allows the users to see and interact with each other in a truly shared collaborative manner.

The video below has been created by our parnters at the University of Weimar

To enable users to view images from their correct perspective, each user must be tracked to 6 Degrees of Freedom [6DOF] and Digital Projection has worked with leading industry partners in head tracking to achieve this. In every way, Digital Projection provides truly collaborative technology.

or contact your local sales manager for more information

A closer look at MultiView and the INSIGHT HFR 360

Digital Projection’s Satellite Modular Laser System to take centre stage at ISE 2022 Hall 3, stand #3K900

Digital Projection is making a return to the much-anticipated ISE show, held for the first time in Barcelona (10-13 May 2022), where the company will be showcasing its native 4K INSIGHT, TITAN and HIGHlite Satellite MLS (Modular Laser System) along with its latest Gen II laser phosphor illuminated INSIGHT Laser 8K – the world’s first and only 8K DLP® projector.

Offering significant benefits at every stage of a system design, Digital Projection’s unique Satellite MLS technology separates the light source from the small, lightweight projector ‘head’, giving integrators greater freedom, particularly where space an access are restricted, while reducing noise and heat from the audience location. This technology makes high-end RGB laser illumination accessible at a cost-effective price point. By separating the projection head from the light source and linking the two with robust and flexible fibre-optic cables up to 100m long, Digital Projection’s latest innovation offers integrators and system designers more flexibility and options to deploy advanced visual solutions.

Developed around WUXGA, Native 4K and 8K resolutions, the Satellite MLS also incorporates Digital Projection’s industry leading ‘MultiView’ technology, which offers truly immersive, collaborative and interactive 3D experiences. With MultiView, a single projector, producing ultra-fast frame rates, is able to accommodate several viewers, each being tracked and each having a view of the image that remains appropriate to their changing position. Users can therefore see and interact with each other in a truly shared collaborative manner. The possibilities for this technology are endless for visualisation applications, virtual rides in theme parks, but also museums: A virtual tour of an ancient building or a lifelike experience of an invaluable object is now possible thanks to MultiView technology, as visitors are able to follow the explanations of the guide from their own perspective.

While Digital Projection are known for ultra-high brightness projectors, visitors will also see that they can benefit from these ground-breaking innovations using Digital Projection’s single chip projector platforms. The ultra-bright, 23,000 lumens 1-Chip DLP M-Vision 23000 projector will also be showcased on the stand, an ideal solution for large venues and mapping applications. With embedded ColorBoost + Red Laser technology creating stunningly saturated colours at a 1-Chip DLP price point, this projector offers an extremely competitive alternative to 3-Chip DLP offerings.

To complete the line-up that ranges from 3-Chip Satellite MLS to single chip integrated projectors, the E-Vision 15000 laser will also be on show with a UST lens that allows for exceptionally bright images in even the tightest of spaces.

Visit Digital Projection at ISE in Hall 3, stand #3K900.

Digital Projection at ISE

Manchester (UK), 11th January 2022 – Projection mapping expert CS PROD, who is specialising in the creation of content related to history and heritage, has added to its growing Digital Projection fleet with seven additional M-Vision Lasers taking their total inventory up to a total of 20.

The company focuses on large format projections and technological lighting in historical sites such as the Cité de Carcassonne, where they have produced ten creations in the Grand Théâtre. Digital Projection’s laser projectors are the only brand CS PROD feel confident using in their projects due to their precision, depth of colour and overall image quality. With backdrops such as cathedrals, castles, fountains, trees and cliffs, a flexible and reliable projector is paramount in realising the artistic visions of the team.

Christian Salès, artistic director at CS PROD, chose additional M-Vision Lasers so they can be easily networked, adjusted remotely and so each member of the team would understand how to use them. “The technique is as important as the content! By owning your projectors, you know that they will be in top condition, powerful, calibrated, and reliable. You also know in advance, how the image will look in the end, which for an artistic director like me, is invaluable,” says Salès.

Digital Projection’s M-Vision Laser 21,000 and 23,000 models use red lasers along with a specially designed colour wheel which enables more vivid, saturated and life-like images than was previously possible on single-chip DLP projectors. The resulting colour gamut guarantees the projector will achieve at least the REC709 standard.

“We want precision and beautiful warm colours in the reds, the laser-illuminated image quality shimmers in the stone with remarkable colours,” adds Salès.

CS PROD were involved in a number of major productions over the summer, attracting tens of thousands of people in total, including “Les Nuits Merveilleuses” (Of Water and Dreams, 10 July–22 Aug 2021), a video mapping show in Narbonne (France) which narrates the history of the city through water. Six M-Vision Laser projectors were used over three sites, including a water curtain and an ancient bridge, with an additional four utilised to illuminate a medieval arch.

On 2–3 July 2021 “Les Nuits de Cassis” was debuted on Cassis castle’s cliffs. A CS PROD show entitled “Cassis and the Artists” told the story of artists who made Cassis the popular holiday destination it is today. Cassis is a paradise for painters, often a challenge to be taken up due to the size of its site and the ardour of its colours. Six M-Vision Laser projectors were used to project upon a 300m cliff, with use of a drone to aid the 3D modelling process.

“We are delighted to work with Digital Projection, and the manufacturer is very close to its users,” concludes Salès. “We have direct contact and answers. They come to the sites once a year and are always ready to do a technical study. There are many menus and a variety of possibilities that can often be used to respond to requests or situations. The manufacturer’s software is both functional and reliable.”

With a fleet of 20 video mapping projectors, CS PROD is now a major user of Digital Projection technology in France. Stéphane Bourdon, national sales manager for Digital Projection in France, commented: “We are delighted that CS Prod has again trusted us with their mesmerising artistic video mapping projects. It is interesting to see that content creation companies can invest in hardware technology, but as Christian mentioned to me on a few occasions: A musician wouldn’t loan its music instrument, so why would this be different when it comes to video mapping?”

Photo credit: CS PROD

Manchester (UK), 9thDecember2021–Digital Projection has confirmed the appointment of Josef Saller as its new regional sales manager for the DACH region, effective from 1stDecember 2021.

Saller’s appointment is the latest in an extensive recruitment programme centredon growth in the EMEA region. In his new role, he will be tasked with further developing the company’s business through a select network of new and existing partners.

Saller’s AV experience dates back to 2001, when he was product manager at MediaMarkt. He later worked for Samsung and LG for 13 years, where he built up an impressive network of customers, dealers and distributors. With this considerable experience, Josef is perfectly placed to enhance Digital Projection’s growing reputation for innovation and market leading products such as the revolutionary Satellite Modular Laser System.

“After my meetings with Dirk Siedle [Digital Projection’s director of sales, EMEA], it was clear to me that this is what I had been looking for over the last few years,” says Saller. “I wanted to work for a company with a talented team, top products, and varied activities and challenges. I would like to thank Dirk for the trust he placed in me and for bringing me on board.“I see the potential as huge, as some manufacturers are reducing their presence from the German-speaking region, Digital Projection are committed to investing in future growth. I think we have a lot of opportunities to do business here for a long time to come.”

Commenting on the appointment, Dirk Siedle says: “We are delighted to have secured the services of Josef. I know that his excellent reputation and track record within the industry is well justified and he will be pivotal in our development of the DACH markets going forward.

Digital Projection Welcomes New Regional Sales Manager for the DACH Region

If you or your company is involved in Commercial Audio, Video, and Data solutions and Unified Communication & Collaboration, then you should attend the Symco Technology Showcases, brought to you by Symco and AVIXA.

We’ll be there and these events are open to all Integrators, VARs, Consultants, Technology Managers, and End Users.  These sessions will provide you exposure to, and interaction with, today’s leading technology solutions…and the people who are designing, installing and using them. CTS RU classes will be provided so don’t miss this exciting opportunity to engage and see the latest in AV technology.

STS – Washington DC

Tues. June 21

Hyatt Regency Dulles
2300 Dulles Corner Blvd
Herndon, VA 20171

Register Here!

STS – Philadelphia

Thurs. June 23

Sheraton Valley Forge
480 North Gulph Rd
King of Prussia, PA 19406

Register Here!

InfoComm 2022 is just around the corner, and we are beyond thrilled to see everyone’s smiling faces! To celebrate our return to InfoComm, we are pulling out all the stops and bringing you a live demonstration of the spectacular Satellite Modular Laser System. Along with this boundary-pushing and revolutionary solution, we’ll also have a wide range of application enabling visual solutions including:

  • NEW E-Vision 4000 4K
       – With exceptional 500,000:1 Advanced Black Contrast
  • M-Vision 23000 WU
       – The brightest single-chip projector available
  • Radiance LED
       – A flexible range of LED displays for virtually any environment

With both high-performance projection and direct-view LED displays, the DP Booth #N3045 is one you DO NOT want to miss!  Take a look below for more info on the Satellite MLS and to register for your free Exhibit Pass…

The Satellite MLS line from Digital Projection is a bona-fide game changer for the AV industry. By separating the projector head from the pure laser light engine, the Satellite MLS offers true installation flexibility, while providing REC2020 colorimetry and powerfully bright illumination. This simplifies and improves every stage of a display system, from high quality imaging to serviceability and lifespan.


Digital Projection Booth #N3045

Stop by and say hello!

Click here and get your free VIP pass with code DIG790

Join Us at InfoComm 2022 – Experience the Spectacular Satellite MLS

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