Radiance LED RCS Series


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An Easily Reconfigurable Solution for Ever-changing Displays

For applications needing high-performance LED visuals with aerial rigging or the ability to easily change screen configurations, the Radiance LED RCS Series is the perfect solution. Engineered for maximum flexibility, this series can be easily set up with Digital Projection's RapidRig Technology. With no required backing frame, the RCS Series panels can be seamlessly configured with optional hang bars for flying from headers and/or trusses.

The Radiance LED RCS Series features two sizes of LED panels for maximum image size flexibility. Panels are available as 500mm x 1000mm or 500mm x 750mm. RCS Series panels are front and rear service accessible and panels can be custom ordered to allow for 90° corner configurations.

The Radiance LED RCS Series is an incredible solution for Digital Signage, Houses of Worship, Auditoriums, and Performance Centers that may need to relocate or reconfigure their display elements for each show or event.

Key Features
  • Engineered for easy setup and tear down for changing display layouts
  • Reconfigurable LED panels can be easily flown or hung from headers or truss
  • Up to 2,500 nits brightness
  • Up to 50,000 hours LED lifetime
  • Front and rear-service
  • 500mm x 1000mm (Large) and 500mm x 750mm (Medium) panel designs
  • No backing frame required



New RapidRig Technology

With our new RapidRig configurations, the RCS series allows for easy setup and tear down for houses of worship, staging companies, performing arts centers, etc. Without a required backing frame, the LED Panels quickly interlock into a robust system ready for truss or ground stacking installation.

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