Radiance LED System Packages

High Performance Displays with Ultimate Convenience

Radiance LED Performance Series and VX series displays are available in pre-configured system packages for ultimate convenience and ease of procurement. System packages are configured for 3 of our most popular resolutions and aspect ratios. For each pixel pitch in the series, a Full HD, 4K-UHD, or “Ultra-Wide” (3840 x 1080) system is available for purchase as a complete kit, including all display panels, resolution-appropriate LED controller and standard mounting frame with all necessary hardware to integrate the seamless display.

Typical diagonal image sizes for HD and UHD are 110”, 137”, 165” and 220”.

Offering between 600 nits – 1,500 nits brightness, Radiance LED system packages are perfect solutions for board rooms, conference centers, training areas, collaboration and presentation spaces, lecture halls, etc. This series of products all feature seamless display performance, full front-service installation and maintenance flexibility and stunning color, contrast and dynamic range.

In coordination with Digital Projection’s Concierge Services program, even our bundled system packages can benefit from a broad range of display integration options including on-wall mounting and even recessed, flush-mounted solutions.

Radiance LED Product Line / Performance Series

0.7 mm 5 x 5 / 135” Diagonal       –
0.9 mm 3 X 3 / 81” Diagonal 6 X 6 / 163” Diagonal
1.26 mm 4 X 4 / 110” Diagonal 8 X 8 / 220” Diagonal
1.58 mm 5 X 5 / 137” Diagonal 10 X 10 / 275” Diagonal
1.9 mm 6 X 6 / 165” Diagonal 12 X 12 / 330” Diagonal
2.53 mm 8 X 8 / 220” Diagonal 16 X 16 / 440” Diagonal
3.0 mm 10 X 5 / 260” Diagonal 20 X 10 / 520” Diagonal       –

Radiance LED Product Line / VX Series

1.26 mm 4 x 4 / 109” Diagonal 8 x 8 / 219” Diagonal
1.58 mm 5 x 5 / 137” Diagonal 10 x 10 / 273” Diagonal
1.8 mm 6 x 6 / 164” Diagonal 12 x 12 / 328” Diagonal
2.53 mm 8 x 8 / 219” Diagonal 16 x 16 / 437” Diagonal


“We chose Digital Projection because of their proven product performance and reputation for white glove service and support.”

- Bryan Patten, Unified Technology Systems, a Solutionz Company

Superior Reliability and Performance

Radiance LED is rated at 100,000 hours total illumination life and is designed to be robust enough for 24/7 performance in the most mission-critical applications. That translates to over 10 years of service if the system were to be used continuously every day. For even more convenience, Digital Projection designed Radiance LED to be front-accessible for servicing, minimizing the potential disruption of the wall's precise alignment. The panels can also be ordered with fully redundant power & signal configurations to ensure maximum uptime. Further, power supplies are optimized to limit power consumption ensuring the most economical cost of ownership.


Concierge Customer Support

Digital Projection's dedicated Application Engineering Team is ready to assist with all Radiance LED design and system implementations. From initial concept and engineering assessment to final assembly & calibration, Digital Projection's team is prepared to bring your next visionary project to life.

Services Include:

  • Design Assistance
  • Site Surveys
  • Engineering Review
  • Installation Support
  • Maintenance


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Key Benefits
  • Unmatched brightness & color performance to tackle any venue lighting conditions
  •  Seamless custom configurations - no bezels interrupting the image
  • ✓ 16:9 aspect ratio LED tiles for easy configuration of 1080p, 4K-UHD, and "Ultra-Wide" displays
  • Endless image size & resolution possibilities
  •  Designed with front service access & 24/7 capability
  •  Delivered with Digital Projection's Concierge Service to assure design & installation confidence


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