The Direct View Newsletter: December 2018

December 2018

As the weather turns colder, we wanted to thank our friends and partners for being in the Digital Projection family. As part of our effort to keep you up-to-date, we hope you will enjoy this bi-monthly newsletter loaded with information. Thank you for your continued support and for working with us to deliver the very best in display solutions!


What's been happening

Did you attend I/ITSEC 2018 Conference and Expo in Orlando, FL? We hope you stopped by our booth! Digital Projection was thrilled to be there, demonstrating our latest simulation display solutions.


With over 400 exhibitors, I/ITSEC is the largest modeling, simulation and training event in the world - and DP had to be a part of it! The star this year was the world's first 8K DLP projector - the INSIGHT LASER 8K from Digital Projection. Building off the established performance of our popular INSIGHT 4K, this powerful unit delivers more than 33 million pixels to the screen (full 8K resolution) through 25,000 lumens of color-rich and reliable laser illumination. Running a close second was the debut of the new X-Vision WQXGA LED projector. Created specifically for the simulation and visualization market, this 3D capable model features an astonishing 50,000+ hours of stable, maintenance-free illumination and is a perfect fit for any simulation project.



InAVation Awards

Public voting for the 2019 InAVation Awards is open and Digital Projection has been nominated for two categories! Please take a second to vote for these awesome products.


Nominated for:
Entertainment & Live Events
The M-Vision LASER 18K provides budget-sensitive applications a large-screen solution with near 3-Chip performance at a 1-Chip price point. Included is DP’s new ColorBoost technology which delivers optical illumination & software enhancements to produce imagery with higher color saturation and a broader color gamut, delivering a more dynamic & realistic viewer experience.


Nominated for: 
Large Venue Presentation
The world's first 8K DLP projector sits in an elite class all its own when it comes to performance. Providing true 8K, ultra-high resolution of 7680 X 4320 pixels through 25,000 lumens of solid-state laser-phosphor illumination, the INSIGHT DUAL LASER 8K is the ultimate solution for venues that demand the most immersive experience through large-scale imagery. It is unlike anything the market has seen before!



Our solutions in action

INSIGHT 4K at North America’s First ‘Seamless’ Dome Planetarium

When Minnesota's Bell Museum drew up plans to renovate their planetarium, the goal was to pair cutting-edge technology with the University of Minnesota's latest data research. To accomplish this, The Whitney and Elizabeth MacMillan Planetarium chose Digital Projection's INSIGHT Dual LASER 4K. Find out why here...



Tips from our experts

The Pitfalls of Aftermarket Lamps


In a world where laser illuminated projectors are fast becoming the norm, there are still many lamp-based projectors owned by our customers, and DP remains committed to assuring every one of those units delivers maximum performance and reliability for the long term.  In that regard, we want to alert owners of lamp-based projectors to the perils of purchasing and installing aftermarket 3rd party lamps. We understand the temptation - the cost of non-DP certified lamps can be attractive; however, lower cost often does not present the best value. Using such lamps can place your projector at risk and will void your warranty. That being the case, non-DP certified lamps are not suitable for use in any of our projectors and we simply cannot be responsible for lamps that we have not vetted and approved.
We have witnessed first-hand the serious damage that some aftermarket lamps can cause to projectors. This damage can be expensive to repair and in extreme cases, has even resulted in projectors being declared a total loss. Aftermarket lamps can have the following issues:
  • Inferior UV filters – inadequate filtration of UV light can cause permanent damage to the projector color wheels (which can melt) and critical optical components, cracking integrator rods, fold mirrors, and prisms.
  • Lack of thermal couplers installed in-series with lamp wiring – this results in insufficient fan speed, creating excessive heat which can melt fans, wiring, and color wheels, or shatter UV filters and internal optics.
  • Defective lamp timers - inhibiting “Lamp end-of-life notifications and alarms”. Inadvertently running lamps beyond their rated hours of operation creates the potential for lamp explosions, which often causes damage to optical components including color wheels and integrator rod assemblies.
  • Lamp anode and cathode wiring or connectors that plug into the lamp driver installed backwards/upside down – causing failures of the lamp driver assembly or the DC power supply.  Replacement of those parts, along with the lamp will be required to restore functionality.

The pictures below provide examples of the damage non-DP Certified lamps can cause to customer-owned projectors. Clearly, the best solution is to always use manufacturer-certified lamps. For further information about purchasing DP-certified lamps or to consider upgrading to a lamp free - laser illuminated projector, e-mail!

Inferior uV-IR filter on aftermarket lamp Color Wheel adhesive compromised causing hub to separate from the motor Hole burnt through the projector color wheel


A deeper look into our award-winning solutions

E-Vision LASER 8500

This month we are featuring the E-Vision Laser 8500. Delivering 8,500 lumens from a stable solid-state light source, this powerful little projector is capable of producing over 20,000 hours of illumination. Developed with a 'Fit and Forget' directive and with no lamps to replace, this single-chip projector needs only minimal maintenance throughout its operational life. Winner of Sound & Video Contractor and AV Technology's Best of InfoComm Awards, as well as Rental Staging Magazine Systems Award, the E-Vision Laser 8500 is a great solution for a wide variety of venues. Take a closer look at what makes this particular projector shine...



A blast from our past

How Do Digital Projectors Produce 281 Trillion Shades of Color?

Back in 2016, Digital Projection was featured on the Science Channel‘s Machines – How They Work. This throwback is still an impressive and quick way to learn how a projector works in a quick 2 minutes!



New partners with Digital Projection

Meyer Marketing

Recently joined the DPI team as a Commercial representative firm in the Florida market. To learn more.... click here.

Polaris Controls

Recently joined serving as a Commercial and Residential representative firm in the Mexico and South America markets. To learn more.... click here.

FSA Systems
Recently joined the DPI team as a Residential representative firm in the Southeastern market. To learn more.... click here.