The Direct View Newsletter: InfoComm 2019 Special Edition

InfoComm Special Edition

Another amazing InfoComm has come and gone... However, we are convinced that this year's show was one of the very BEST! Between our arsenal of new and amazing display technologies, record breaking numbers for hands-on demos, training class attendance, and exceptional in-booth collaborations, 2019 is going to be the year to beat! If we didn't see you at the show, we're sorry we missed you - please take a look below for all the highlights!

As part of our efforts to keep you up to date, we hope you will enjoy this bi-monthly newsletter loaded with tips and information, this time with a special focus on our biggest trade show of the year. Thank you for your continued support and for working with us to deliver the very best in display solutions!



InfoComm: June 12-14, 2019


To put it mildly, Digital Projection made big waves at InfoComm 2019!  Our goal this year was to bring you new, application-enabling displays that truly pushed the boundaries of what is possible in imaging technology.  With a larger sized booth, 3 innovation theaters, and ultra-bright, vibrant corner screens powered by the enhanced TITAN and INSIGHT projector series, this was one of DP’s biggest shows to date.

We were also honored with two Best of InfoComm awards for our INSIGHT 4K HFR 360 from Commercial Integrator and Projector Central.

We very much enjoyed showing visitors our fully stocked arsenal of groundbreaking products including:

  • INSIGHT 4K HFR 360: The award-winning, first-of-its-kind, native 4K-3D multiviewer solution producing up to 3 unique 3D perspectives simultaneously
  • Satellite MLS Prototype: A game-changing step forward in projection technology by separating the light engine to a remote location for more enhanced integration options
  • INSIGHT LASER 8K: The world's first true 8K DLP projector with over 33-million pixels of stunning visuals
  • TITAN 37000 WU & 33000 4K-UHD: Ultra-bright, surprisingly quiet, laser-illuminated powerhouse projectors
  • M-Vision 21000 WU & E-Vision 13000 WU: Our new Direct Red Laser enhanced projectors producing near 3-chip performance at a 1-chip price point
  • Radiance LED: Our infinitely scalable and totally seamless LED solutions designed to perform in any ambient light environment




DP does it again....this time with the world's first Satellite Modular Laser System!

DP gave attendees an exclusive sneak preview of the Satellite Module Laser System (Satellite MLS) prototype.  Featuring pure RGB Laser Illumination, the Satellite MLS separates the light source, with its associated power and thermal management, to a remote location, thus enabling a small, compact projection “Head” that only contains the minimal optical and video processing.

The Satellite MLS is set to officially debut in 2020 with widely customizable system configurations, all producing superb color gamut, contrast, and virtually silent operation for complex display environments that no other projection solution can tackle!



Interactive, Multiview 3D

Also new this year was the INSIGHT 4K HFR 360 – a powerful, high frame-rate solution for creating truly immersive, collaborative, and interactive 3D experiences.  This first-of-its-kind multi-viewer 3D projector allows up to 3 users to view native 4K-3D content while interacting and collaborating with one another in a one-of-a-kind shared virtual environment.  With head-tracking technology and the HFR 360’s ultra-fast frame rates, each user experiences a unique perspective of the on-screen content that remains consistent with their changing position.

To showcase the new INSIGHT 4K HFR 360, DP partnered with the advanced visualization gurus at Mechdyne to present a remarkable virtual experience on the international space station.  The HFR display was chosen as the solution to grace the cover photo of the InfoComm Daily with many visitors calling it the ‘coolest thing at the show’.

The INSIGHT 4K HFR 360 won two ‘Best of InfoComm’ awards from Commercial Integrator and Projector Central. Find out more here…




Tips from our experts

You’ve got LOADS of LUMENS with your DP Projector…

but do you have the RIGHT Power?


Is it 110 or 208?  Can the projector run at lower brightness at the lower voltage?  Do I have the right connector?  The right amperage available?  The right receptacle for the power cord?  NEMA 5-15, NEMA 6-15, L6-20, L6-30?!?!?!  There are so many questions!  Our Techs come across this too, so here is some advice from the pros:

POWER:  A projector’s power requirement is generally proportional to its light output.

  • Although some of today’s laser projectors have power requirements similar to older lamp-based units, current laser projection light outputs have increased greatly.  These higher lumen projectors require a larger and proportional amount of wattage for driving the laser light engine.  ( Note: a small percentage of power is dedicated to the control/processing circuitry.  The majority of power is used in producing the light. )
  • Lower lumen projectors can safely run on 110V AC and still be allowed the use of full laser power
  • High lumen projectors will require 208V (200 – 240V AC) for full laser power
  • Some mid - high lumen units allow the use of either 110V or 208V, however their output is reduced to about a 65 – 70% output when used on 110V.  This ultimately has to do with the amount of wattage required to power the full set of lasers at full power.  In contrast, if the laser’s power is reduced, then the projector’s total wattage requirement is less and it could feasibly run on a 110V circuit
  • HIGHlite 4K-UHD, HIGHlite II 3D, E-Vision 13000WU, M-Vision 18K, and M-Vision 21K must all use a 220V supply in order to achieve full light output
WATTAGE: Wattage is the product of Voltage and Amperage

This means that a 110V 15A circuit can only support a total load of 1,650W.  We should also remember that there is a peak power requirement during projector startup, and we should leave a little unused headroom for this so as not to overload the circuit and push it to its limit.

If we then know that a high lumen projector requires 3,400 watts, then we can calculate the minimum amperage required for the circuit breaker ( 3400W / 208V = 16.3A ).  A 220V 20A circuit would be appropriate for this 16.3 amp requirement.

In contrast, if we were to try and use a 110V circuit ( 3400W / 110V = 30.9A ), this 30.9 amps would not be possible.  A 110V 15A circuit is the norm in most residential and commercial spaces.  A 110V 20A circuit is available, but requires heavier wiring, and a 110V 30A circuit does not exist.


HIGHlite 4K-UHD, HIGHlite II 3D, E-Vision 13000WU, M-Vision 18K, M-Vision 21K

Projectors drawing less than 15 amps @208V - standard 220V power cord is a C19(R) to Nema 6-15P. If supply has an L6-20R or L6-30R connector, then the cord’s 6-15 connector can be removed and replaced with required 220V type.

Titan, Insight

On projectors drawing 15 to 30 amps @208V, the standard 220V power cord is a Nema L6-30R to Nema L6-30P.

E-Vision, M-Vision 

Lower lumen projectors drawing less than 15A @110V can be operated on a normal 110VAC 15A circuit. The supplied standard 110V power cord is a C13(R) to Nema 5-15P (all E-Visions except the E-Vision 13000WU).


A deeper look into our award-winning solutions


Native UHD fine-pitch LED Solutions

Greeting visitors to the DP booth was a captivating 16’ wide x 9’ tall native UHD LED video wall from DP’s impressive Radiance LED line.  Featuring unmatched brightness and performance suitable for any indoor environment, DPI’s Radiance LED solutions offer an incredible viewing experience with deep color saturation and uniformity from every viewing angle.  With its slim install profile, the infinitely scalable, and totally seamless Radiance LED systems provide ultimate solutions for the most demanding imaging applications and the most discerning clients.

This was the first public display of the new CrystalView protective surface coating and introduction of the expanded Radiance models and capabilities from 0.7 – 4.0 pixel pitch panels.




A blast from our past

InfoComm 2003 vs 2019

16 years ago, Digital Projection Inc. attended our sixth InfoComm in the United States.  We sure have come a long way since then!  Our powerhouse projector at the time was a mere 16,000 ANSI Lumens.  Every projector was lamp based and a few required some routine maintenance.

This year we showed off a total of 25 Million Lumens with the 10 projectors on display.  All of which are laser illuminated and maintenance free. Our Radiance LED line came out swinging with 10 Million + Pixels!  It's safe to say, 2019 is going to be hard to beat!