The Satellite Link Cable

The Digital Projection Satellite Link Cable (SLC) is a bespoke high performance optical conductor, delivering up to 40,000 Lumens to remote projection Heads over tens of meters. The SLC contains glass fiber for low loss delivery of high energy light from Modular Light Sources (MLS). Multiple MLS’s can be combined within the fiber, without the need for additional hardware.

The SLC carries RGB Laser light for wide color gamut image reproduction from discrete narrowband wavelengths. Any variations in attenuation of individual wavelengths due to the length of the SLC, are automatically compensated with the color feedback system employed across the Satellite Modular Laser System.

The SLC has a bespoke interface for connectivity of both the illumination and electrical circuits combined into a single connector.

The SLC also carries built-in safety systems in the form of interlocks and thermal sensing for protection of all elements of the system. Any break in the interlock will instantly shut down the Laser light source(s). A thermal sensing system running the length of the SLC will detect any over temperature should a break in the fiber cause a local hot spot. This in turn will also instantly shut down the Laser light source.

The fiber is further protected with a multilayer jacket to make it robust.



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