Unique, Powerful and Proven – How Digital Projection’s 3D Displays Differ from the Competition

DP now builds 21 different Active 3D capable projectors. Beyond offering the largest 3D projector line-up of of any manufacturer, what else makes Digital Projection’s 3D displays unique? -- DP now builds 21 different Active 3D capable projectors. Beyond offering the largest line-up of 3D displays of any manufacturer, what else makes DP’s 3D displays unique?

• Most efficient lamp technology in the industry -- for instance, Digital Projection’s TITAN Dual 3D displays produce up to 10,000 lumens while consuming only 750 watts of power. Competitive projectors require as much as 2.2 kilowatts of power to produce less light output!

• Using a more efficient lamp technology also results in these important benefits:
- Longer lamp life
- Lower lamp cost & lower total cost of ownership
- Smaller, lighter chassis design
- Reduced heat generation

• Lowest possible operational noise levels -- while our 10,000 lumen TITAN 3D models are specified at just 42dBA, competitive 3D models are specified at an operating noise level of up to 60 dBA for similar or less brightness.

• FastFrame™ Technology – FastFrame™ is DP’s revolutionary combination of hardware and firmware that provides user adjustments to vastly reduce the artifacts and image blur typically associated with rapidly moving display content. FastFrame™ stems from technology we created for our simulation displays, and produces a dramatically visible improvement – especially when viewing sporting events or other fast-moving content.

• Dual-Flash Processing ™ (DFP) – This feature supports users wishing to distribute 3D content via more traditional, 60 Hz formats with the option to frame-double their sources within the projector, via DFP. When this option is selected, the input signal, having been processed and if necessary re-sized to map to the native resolution of the projector, will also be frame-doubled to 120 Hz, and the doubled frames interleaved. This produces 3D imagery with the low flicker characteristics of a native 120 Hz source, but without the infrastructure costs associated with distributing and switching ultra-high bandwidth signals.

• Flexible 3D input configurations – The wide bandwidth nature of DP’s 3D displays supports connectivity with 3D sources up to 120 Hz via a single dual-link DVI input, or via twin single-link DVI (dual pipe) inputs. 3D sources operating at 60 Hz are accepted via an additional single-link DVI input. HDMI 1.3 and 1.4 (the likely platform for delivery of Blu-ray 3D movies) will be supported in the future via a straightforward upgrade.

• Stellar Contrast Levels -- No other manufacturer offers the contrast capability of Digital Projection’s 3D displays. We are the only company that offers a full lineup of 3D models with true native contrast of greater than 5,000:1. Maximum contrast is vital for creating highly saturated, realistic colors, and for expanding the impact of any immersive 3D experience.

In summary, Digital Projection International offers more 3D display solutions than any other company, and in addition to offering broad connectivity and amazing 3D imagery, each of our systems provides important benefits that no competitor can match.