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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Digital Projection is pleased to introduce the exclusive TheaterScope systems for our home cinema displays. The primary function of the TheaterScope System is to allow DP’s native HD 16 x 9 aspect ratio projectors to display both 1.78:1 and 2.35:1 content on fixed-height screens with no letterbox (horizontal black bars). In operation, the TheaterScope system is triggered and in tandem, the width of the 16 x 9 screen is increased to match 2.35:1 aspect ratio sources, thus maintaining a constant screen height while increasing the overall image area by 33%.

Another benefit of DP’s TheaterScope system is that equipped projectors always employ the full area of the 16x9 DMD, even when displaying 2.35:1 aspect ratio material. On-screen resolution and brightness is always maximized. The TheaterScope System includes a precise, 1.33 anamorphic optic and a quiet, motorized lens sled, which provides accurate, RS232 controlled positioning of the anamorphic lens in front of the primary projection lens. The TheaterScope Premier System features a larger anamorphic lens to serve DP’s higher resolution, native 1080p projectors - the dVision 1080p, TITAN 1080p- 250, TITAN 1080p-500 and HIGHlite Reference 1080p.

With TheaterScope, you no longer lose image size, projector resolution and brightness to the black bars of letterboxed DVD and HD content. View your films in the scale and dramatic format that was originally intended with a TheaterScope System from Digital Projection.

TheaterScope - providing a performance and entertainment upgrade appropriate for any serious home cinema savant.

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