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Thursday, November 27, 2014
VIP 3000

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Digital Projection International’s VIP 3000 is a powerful multi-format switcher with the highest quality image processing, specifically optimized for projection applications. Easy to use and broadly flexible warp and blend capability, combined with superb image scaling, broadcast grade de-interlacing, outstanding noise reduction and image enhancement technology make the VIP 3000 the most capable warp-enabled image scaler available.

Warp alignment can be mapped to accurately match nearly any projection surface via a straightforward PC-based application. Once the warp map is defined and loaded, the VIP 3000 automatically recalculates warp parameters as required to suit changes in input resolution, aspect ratio, image height, width and over-scan. The warp performance, ease of use and flexibility are best-in-class.

Edge-blending is performed using proprietary algorithms which allow precise control of blend S-curve, gamma, and blend region width, and can be configured to support from one to fourside-per-channel edge-blend applications. Black level correction is also provided with independent control of up to 9 regions with 10-bit black level adjustment resolution. Internal blend processing is 10-bit accurate when employing the VIP 3000 for both blend and warp, and 16-bit accurate with de-gamma and re-gamma when only blend is employed.

For multi-channel applications, automatic image pan/zoom/tilt can be enabled to allow each projector to present the required portion of the displayed image by simply defining each VIP 3000’s X & Y location within the overall blended image. Alternatively, pan/zoom/tilt can be manually configured, or completely disabled for use with multi-head graphics cards.

Video image stability and motion performance are outstanding with per pixel motion adaptive de-interlacing for both SD and HD video sources. Motion adaptive noise reduction and image enhancement, on a per-pixel basis, not only improve the quality of HD sources, but can make SD sources virtually indistinguishable from HD.

Source connectivity is extensive and precise: High Definition, Extended Definition and Standard Definition component video in YPbPr or RGBS format and VGA graphics are supported via 12-bit ADCs. HD-SDI and SD-SDI are supported with automatic cable equalization and full broadcast grade hardware implemented EQ, clock recovery and de-serializer for the best possible stability and signal integrity. HDMI and DVI inputs provide compatibility with HDMI 1.3 and DVI sources with or without HDCP, with regular 8-bit or 10-bit deep color support from HD and SD disc players and media management systems.

Further source optimization is achieved through color temperature, gains and cut-offs, which are adjustable with 10-bit accuracy. Gamma control is provided and applied with 10-bit accuracy, with internal processing up to 16 bits to alleviate gray-scale contouring and to improve image rendition.

Professional grade genlock is provided with the ability to vertically lock to DS/HD-SDI digital house sync, bi-level or tri-level sync, separate H&V sync, or DVI/HDMI with broadcast-grade output stability and extremely fast lock-up time. For free-run applications, Video I/O Track can automatically switch between 50Hz and 59.94Hz depending on the input signal type, or conversion can be performed to a fixed output frame rate for seamless switching applications. Internal I/O Lock is also available for 50Hz/59.94Hz/60Hz signals where the output accurately locks to the input. All modes include frame buffering for time-base synchronization.

With its extensive source connectivity, highest performance scaling, system integration integrity and precise warp and blend capabilities, the VIP 3000 stands alone as an extraordinarily flexible and surprisingly easy to use solution for quality-intensive applications that multiple projection channels and/or irregular projection surfaces.

Challenging Multi-Channel and Complex Surface Applications are Easily Managed with These Extensive Capabilities:

    • Multi format, multi input switching with precise image scaling
    • Flexible and easy warp configuration via PC application with drag and drop grid points
    • Multi-region Professional Grade Edge Blending
    • Outstanding warped image quality with up to 512 tap scaling filters
    • Programmable Blend Curves, Blend Width, Blend Gamma Matching and Black Level Correction
    • Image Flip L/R/U/D, Image Rotation in 1degree steps
    • Picture in Picture (PiP) including PiP across blend region capability
    • Automatic Audio Delay Correction for Video
    • 2D image detail enhancement, real-time unsharp mask and sharpness control
    • Broadcast grade motion adaptive SD & HD deinterlacer with 3:2, 2:2 and non-standard/variable cadence detection
    • Temporal/film noise filtering HD & SD MPEG noise reduction for SD
    • Genlock, Video I/O lock and I/O Track
    • Stunning HD performance, near-HD quality from SD sources
    • Analog and Digital inputs, DVIm HDMI1.3 & HDSDI
    • Seamless Switching
    • User selectable processing levels for best picture quality and image enhancement
    • Versatile range of audio input and output connections
    • System control via a front-panel LCD menu with rugged keypad
    • Four user-programmable input selection keys
    • “Live feed” indication via the Input Status key
    • Remote control via TCP/IP or RS232. An intuitive PC-based application is included

VIP 3000 Documents and Links:
VIP 3000 User Manual (pdf)
VIP 3000 Spec Sheet (pdf)



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