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Thursday, November 27, 2014

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Digital Projection International (DP) proudly presents the future of medium to large-screen projection. DP's new INSIGHT 4K LASER and INSIGHT 4K LED projectors deliver a revolutionary combination of solid-state illumination and 4K native resolution. With 20,000 hours of illumination life (LASER) and over 50,000 hours of illumination life (LED) with no lamp replacements required, the INSIGHT 4K displays produce bright, stable and color-accurate imagery with a remarkably low lifetime cost of ownership. All with the stunning detail and image subtlety that only true 4K resolution can deliver, and all at approximately 40% of the size and weight of today’s 4K Xenon bulb-illuminated projectors. The ultra-bright INSIGHT 4K LASER and the color-focused INSIGHT 4K LED have been developed with a ‘Set it and Forget it’ directive, delivering impactful imagery with minimal maintenance throughout the lifetime of the display.

In addition to long-life, consistent illumination, INSIGHT 4K displays offer unprecedented installation flexibility. With the 4K LASER, nearly all tilt configurations, including portrait mode, are within reach. The INSIGHT 4K LED provides limitless tilt and operational flexibility, far surpassing the installation restrictions on many lamp-based projectors. Together, both the 4K LASER and 4K LED displays can be positioned vertically, horizontally, and almost anywhere in between, without degrading lumen performance or the lifespan of the illumination source.

LED + 4K = Jaw-dropping Color & Remarkable Image Detail
Utilizing Texas Instruments’ DLP technology, DP’s new INSIGHT 4K LED merges the detail and clarity of full 4K resolution with the stunning color space and black levels of LED illumination. The 4K LED’s +2,000 lumen specification separates it from all other purely LED driven displays, yet understates the perceived image brightness and clarity delivered. In addition to the higher brightness, the INSIGHT 4K LED enlists DP’s Lifetime Illumination™ platform, providing a virtually maintenance-free imaging solution that never requires a lamp replacement.

LASER + 4K = Bright & Crystal Clear
The INSIGHT 4K LASER introduces a remarkably bright 4K projection solution for discerning professional, residential, simulation, visualization, signage, worship, and large-screen applications. Venues where both image detail and image stability are critical will directly benefit from both the 4K LASER’s advanced resolution and solid-state illumination platform. Applications where image uniformity is a critical concern, such as venues employing the same content across numerous screens simultaneously, will immediately realize value from the 4K LASER’s consistent solid-state illumination performance. In environments where the projector will be installed in hard-to-reach locations, the impressive limited maintenance of the INSIGHT 4K LASER display will save both time and maintenance costs.

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SORT BY: Projector Name Part # Lumens Contrast Resolution Name Resolution Illumination
E-Vision Series INSIGHT 4K LASER   114-821 12,000 2,000:1 4K 4096 x 2160 LASER
E-Vision Series INSIGHT 4K LED 115-650 2,000 2,000:1 4K 4096 x 2160 LED
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