ColorMax™ Technology

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Thursday, November 20, 2014


The majority of Digital Projection's single-chip and 3-chip displays include a new standard in advanced color balancing: the DP-exclusive ColorMax™ calibration system. This advanced color calibration brings a new level of precision to all sizes of screen projection. Projectors configured with ColorMax™ are pre-aligned to a factory reference to assure consistent color performance straight out of the box. For more specific color alignment, the user has the ability to adjust color temperature, as well as the highlights and shadows of individual colors, on both a global and per source level. Given the depth of adjustment handles, ColorMax™ enabled projectors can be quickly benchmarked for color alignment and calibrated for color critical applications.

By providing the ability to manipulate primary and secondary colors as well as the white point, the user gains expanded control over the gamut of colors the projectors can display. By way of a simplifed setup procedure, an installer can simply measure and record the red, green and blue x and y color points and luminance values with a light meter and enter the values into a computer connected to the projector. ColorMax™ then analyzes the user input and a software algorithm automatically calibrates all of the color settings, per input, to produce a perfectly calibrated d6500 output. For cinema purists, this assures that the displayed content accurately reflects the artistic vision originally captured on the film.

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